UK. Ultimalt – the ultimate malt drink

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A new premium, non alcoholic malt drink has been launched in the UK. Made by malt lovers for malt lovers, this perfect combination of sweet satisfaction and rich creaminess is set to become a well known soft drink in African and Caribbean households. (more…)

Tap rivals in brew-hahah

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Canadian beermaker Labatt Breweries said it may take legal action against the National Hockey League after it gave rival brewer Molson Coors an exclusive beer sponsorship deal. (more…)

Brewer SABMiller sees steady growth for Africa

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Multinational brewer SABMiller (SAB.L) (SABJ.J) sees volume growth of 8 percent a year in Africa, its regional head said on Tuesday, as demand is expected to continue growing on the continent. (more…)

Russia takes first step to curb strong beer sales

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Russia has passed an early reading of a bill aimed at restricting sales of strong beer in a move that could hit brewers for a second time following a hike in excise duties last year. (more…)

Mythos Brewery targets export growth in US, England

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Greece’s Mythos Brewery, a subsidiary of Denmark’s Carlsberg, is aiming at boosting exports this year by 40 percent year-on-year in a bid to offset falling volume sales at home arising from lower consumption and a drop in tourism arrivals. (more…)

Russia. Summary of Baltika’s performance in 2010

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2010 was a unique year for the Russian brewing industry. At 1 January 2010, the excise duty on beer with 0.5-8.6% ABV was raised by 200%. Baltika minimized the volume impact from the substantial excise duty increase through our pricing strategy of gradual price increases throughout the year, recovery of the market dynamics in the second half of 2010. (more…)