Rastal wins International Design Awards

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RASTAL has received several awards for its craft beer glass design. The Good Design Award™ 2015 in the Tabletop category went to the “Craft Master One” glass, while the “Craft Master Two” received the coveted iF design award, likewise in the Tabletop category. (more…)

USA. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA acquires another renowned craft brewer as a new customer

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One Lotus and a dozen of tanks

With the Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits Company, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has acquired another renowned US craft brewer as a new customer. The brewery from San Diego, California ordered, within the scope of a capacity expansion, one “Lotus” lauter tun with a diameter of 7.6 meters. (more…)

USA&Thailand. Can This Thai Lager Convince American Millennials It’s Not Just Another ‘Asian Beer’?

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If you’ve dined in one of the 5,000 or so Thai restaurants in the U.S. (and bothered to check its beverage selection), you may have noticed a beer called Chang. Brewed in Thailand, Chang (actually pronounced “chong”) is Thai for elephant. And much like an elephant, Chang beer is moving with a slow and steady determination. After a decade of building a limited U.S. presence, the brand is ready to go national. (more…)

In high spirits: India’s drinking laws

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The Madhya Pradesh government’s decision to allow those with an annual income of over Rs 10 lakh to stock as many as 100 bottles of expensive liquor in their homes, for an annual fee of Rs 10,000, has turned the spotlight on a little-known aspect of drinking laws in the country: the amount of spirit one can stock at home. (more…)