We propose a report on the major purchasers of import hop, as well as their suppliers, prices etc. At the least cost you will be versed in the situation on the market, find new clients and range them according to their significance.

Interesting facts on the market of import hop in Russia.

  • The major importer of hop in Russia is Barth-Haas Group with a 43% share.
  • There are 44 importers of hop to Russia.
  • The total import of hop over January-August 2011 amounted to $32.8 mln by value.
The latest report on Russia for January-August 2011 contains 436 entries and summary tables in MS Excel file.  As a sample of your order we can send random detailed information. To get it contact us and specify in your letter the group of goods you are interested in.

To get this report we propose you to buy it ($400).

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NOTE: if you need more information on a period before 2011, please contact us.
NOTE: Reports on goods markets of Ukraine are made up by order. Write to us specifying the group of goods you are interested in and we will submit the description, cost and time limits of the report provision.

Today our clients are producers of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland as well as some major marketing and consulting agencies. We have been engaged in analyzing goods markets and sales organization since 2000.

Please contact us reports@pivnoe-delo.info

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