China. The fight is on, for beer and noodles

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Favourites for years, especially with low earners – but last year Chinese beer consumption dropped by 3.6pc, and instant noodles fared even worse, slumping 12.5pc (more…)

China Resources Beer shares down 4% after rights issue

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Shares of state-backed China Resources Beer closed down 4.1% at 16.26 Hong Kong dollars on Wednesday after it announced a rights issue to fund the buyout of the world’s best-selling beer from joint-venture partner SABMiller. (more…)

The Warcraft movie is so popular in China it has its own beer

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As you may have heard, the Warcraft film bombed in the US. But as you also may have heard, worldwide gross actually matters now, and because of China, it’s far and away the highest earning video game film of all time — and it’s still pretty early in its theatrical run. (more…)

Frank Lai Ni Hium Resigns as CFO of China Resources Beer Company

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Chief Financial Officer and the Company Secretary of the Company, due to his other career aspirations, and will cease to be a member of each of the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee and the Nomination Committee, all took effect on 1 June 2016. (more…)