U.S. Brewery Count Passes 1700

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The Brewers Association’s Membership Coordinator and Brewery Detective Erin Glass keeps an eye on brewery openings, closings, transitions and breweries in planning. With so much interest in craft brewing today, there is a lot more detective work and a large number of calls and emails to breweries in planning, those on the cusp and those recently opened. (more…)

US. Outgrowing its Fulton Street brewery, Goose Island outsourcing two beers

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Chicago’s biggest craft beer producer, Goose Island, is outgrowing its britches on the Near West Side. Fighting to keep up with growing demand as the craft beer market in the United States explodes, while still innovating and brewing new beverages, the company has reached a deal to outsource two of its beers to a brewery in New Hampshire. (more…)

Getting Hooked on Craft Brewers Alliance

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A few weeks ago, I came across the Craft Brewers Alliance (Nasdaq: HOOK) as I was doing research on beer stocks. Though I’d never seen the company’s name before, I immediately recognized its flagship brands: Red Hook, Long Hammer, Goose Island, and Kona. That’s probably because I’m a devotee of the craft brew section of my local grocery store. (more…)

US. Boston Beer Company – A Small Brewer Buffett Would Love

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Boston Beer Company (BBC) known primarily through its flagship brand, Samuel Adams, is a simple to understand, highly profitable, and value-creating business with a trustworthy and capable management team. They are the largest and most successful of the small craft brewers, have a growing moat, generate plenty of free cash flow, and have no debt. (more…)