US. Indy Brewer Expands South

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Indianapolis-based Sun King Brewing Co. will begin offering its products to the Bloomington area starting in April. The expansion comes after the company last year invested in a new 30-barrel system at its Indianapolis brewery. (more…)

Microbreweries turning from glass to metal

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Baxter Brewing in Maine has joined a growing number of small craft-beer breweries distributing their brews in cans — just like mainstream mass-produced beers — rather than in bottles. A decade ago, it’s believed there weren’t any U.S. craft breweries canning their suds. Nowadays, nearly 100 sell at least one beer variety in metal. (more…)

US. Demand For Craft Beer Boosts Local Brewery

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Demand for locally-produced beer is growing across the country, and here in the Mid-South it’s fueling the expansion of a brewery in Memphis.
“We need to increase our refrigeration space, and increase our production capabilities in terms of extra boilers, more fermentation tanks, so we have more time and space to age the beers,” said Chuck Skypeck, founding partner of Ghost River Brewing. (more…)

UK. Brewery is one Sharp shooter

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Sharp’s Brewery has cemented its position as one of the fastest-rising players in the British craft brewing sector after reporting impressive growth figures. (more…)

ND proposal would let home beer makers sell suds

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North Dakotans who make wine and booze already can get a state license to sell their beverages, and a Minot lawmaker wants people who make home-brewed beer to be able to do the same. (more…)