Carlsberg Kazakhstan announced the results for the year 2015

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In 2015, the Kazakhstan beer market has not grown. But the share of Carlsberg Kazakhstan on the Kazakhstan beer market showed a steady positive growth trend and amounted to 33.2% by volume, which is 3.2% more than at the end of 2014. (more…)

Russia. Beer roams the regions

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Small breweries are taking away the share of transnational companies, writes the Russian business newspaper Kommersant. (more…)

Russia. Baltika lost market share

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As it was expected, according to the company estimates, in 2015 the Russian beer market declined by about 10% and approximately by 9% in Q4 2015. The volume market share of Baltika in 2015 amounted to 34.7%, while the value market share made up 35.6%*. (more…)

Vietnam. In January 2016 Sabeco produced 4 times more beer than Habeco

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam released a report on the state of industrial production of beer, wine and soft drinks. According to the information received, in January 2016, the company Habeco produced 35.1 million litres of beer, while Sabeco – 138.5 million litres. (more…)

Russia. “There is a revolution in the beer market “, – the director of a brewery from St. Petersburg said.

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“The situation on the Russian beer market is in a steep nose dive” – said Nikolai Mitchin, co-owner and founding member of Vasileostrovskaya brewery in an interview with “RosBiznessKonsalting”. During the last two years, in the country ten breweries have closed down, two of which belonged to Baltika, the leader of the domestic beer industry.

Vasileostrovsky brewery is experiencing the reverse situation. (more…)