Japan’s Asahi to Keep Hyogo Brewery Open Another Year

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Japan’s Asahi Breweries Ltd. said that it will put off closing its Nishinomiya plant by one year to the end of August 2012 since power shortages at Tohoku and Kanto facilities will hamper efforts to raise output. (more…)

Japan. Beer shipments rise 4% in April

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Although the overall market has been shrinking, beer shipments in Japan turned higher in April following a sharp fall (-19.9%) in March. (more…)

Japan. March Beer Shipment Down 11% With Breweries Damaged By Quake

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Overall beer shipments for Japan’s five top brewers in March plunged 10.9% from a year earlier, their first double-digit decline in 14 months, due to lost output at quake-damaged breweries, according to beer shipment data released Tuesday by the companies. (more…)

Japan. Kirin plans to restart operations at its Sendai brewery

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Japanese Kirin Brewery Company aims to restart operations at its facility in Sendai, that is located in the prefecture hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami in March by September or October this year, Koichi Matsuzawa, the company’s president, said at a news conference last week. (more…)

Sapporo reopenes Chiba brewery after earthquake

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Since the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11, the Chiba brewery of Sapporo was closed. Now the Japanese brewer “estarted to produce beer, though not 100% in operation,” a Sapporo spokesperson said. (more…)