Japan: Kirin Brewery spills beer in earthquake

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The picture on the right is of the Kirin Brewery in Sendai, in the Miyagi Prefecture roughly 235 miles north of Tokyo and just off the Oshika Peninsula.
Sendai was devastated by Friday’s earthquake, and four large holding tanks at the brewery were destroyed. (more…)

Japan. Beer Shipments Rise 13% In Jan

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TOKYO (Nikkei)–Shipments of beer and beer-like beverages rose 13% on the year to 21.96 million cases in January, marking the first double-digit monthly increase in 23 months (more…)

Commencement of Discussions for Operational Integration with Pokka Corporation through Reorganization in the Group

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Sapporo Holdings Limited (the “Company”) hereby announces that the board of directors has resolved at a meeting today and the Company has agreed, to commence discussions with Pokka Corporation (“Pokka”), which became an equity-method affiliate of the Company at the end of September 2009, for the operational integration of the two companies through reorganization in groups. (more…)

Nippon malt

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You would think that when it comes to Japanese alcoholic beverages, the more traditional sake would be the first one I wrote about here. But no, after sampling some of its finest whiskies some columns back, I found myself once more trying out a non-sake Japanese product – beer this time. (more…)