Soufflet takeover of Durst Malz announced

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In a press release dated 29.09. the two companies announced the Merger of Heinrich Durst Malz GmbH & Co. KG with the French malting group Soufflet in Nogent sur ??Seine. As per market perception, one of the biggest, yet independent German maltster will rather be taken over by Soufflet. (more…)

A flat tax on alcohol could be a heady prospect for the new owners of Foster’s

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As SABMiller mulls over the many ways it can extract hundreds of millions of dollars in efficiencies from the Foster’s Group – including overhauling its Victorian and NSW breweries – it will have one eye focused on this week’s tax summit to see if a proposal to introduce a flat tax on alcohol gets any oxygen. (more…)

“Viking Malt” September Barley Report

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Lithuania Barley harvesting is finished and about 20-25 % of malting will be downgraded to feed quality because of high proteins and rain damages. Average results of samples received: Protein 11.6%; Screenings above 2.5 mm 89.9% Germination 96.1% Lithuania will not be self sufficient with crop11- the shortage is expected to be about 20000 MT. Finland Estimated 80-90 % of the total barley is harvested. In the south of Finland (malting barley areas) the figure is even higher. Average yield for the barley is estimated to be 3400 kilos per ha. Estimated quantity of malting barley will be 300-310 000 tons. Due to low screenings and high protein levels acceptance percentage for the malting barley will be around 60 %. Finland will be self sufficient with malting barley and there is also a surplus volume to be exported if the quality is acceptable. Sweden Harvest in general is proceeding very slowly. Harvest normally starts at first in the south and then moves north. This year harvest of malting barley started at the same time in the whole country and harvest is still going on in both parts of the country. Most regions in the grain producing part of Sweden had 150-200%…