Myanmar. Heineken takes back Tiger and ABC beers

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Two of Myanmar’s best-loved beer brands, Tiger and ABC Extra Stout, were officially returned to Dutch beer-maker Heineken yesterday after years under the ownership of local giant Myanmar Brewery. (more…)

Heineken aims to be market leader in Myanmar by 2020

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Heineken intends to become the market leader in Myanmar’s beer market by 2020, confident that it can beat local and foreign products in one of the biggest emerging markets in the Asia Pacific region. (more…)

Myanmar. Dagon Brewery launching a line of beer in cans

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Myanmar is a home for about 55 million people, including many beer lovers. Due to this, Dagon, as the second largest brewery of the country, is developing rapidly and the demand for its products is growing rapidly. In particular for beer in cans. (more…)