China groups thirsty for Heineken asset

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By putting its Kingway Brewery stake on the block, Heineken is not just streamlining its own strategy but raising the prospect of a scramble for an asset that could accelerate consolidation in the $13bn China market. (more…)

India. SABMiller launches beer in PET bottles

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Now, you can carry your beer with you without worrying about them breaking. SABMiller has launched its strong beer brand Haywards 5000 in PET bottles in India, following which many other breweries are actively working on introducing the new packaging material for their beer. (more…)

India. SABMiller likely to be back in black this year

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SABMiller India, the country’s second largest beer company, expects to book profits in the current fiscal after two years of successive losses. It also hopes to increase market share in profitable states and grow in Andhra Pradesh, the largest beer market in India. (more…)

SABMiller’s cassava beer plans mature

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SABMiller’s pioneering cassava beer – aimed an entire new market of drinkers in Africa – has been delayed by nearly a year following a number of setbacks. (more…)

Pilsner Urquell to be exported to Poland directly from Pilsen

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Beginning April 2011, Pilsner Urquell will be exported to Poland directly from Pilsen. Since 2002, licensed production of Pilsner Urquell has been carried out in the Polish town of Tychy in response to a capacity shortage in the Pilsen brewery (more…)

China. CR Snow announces three acquisitions in Anhui, Liaoning and Zhejiang

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China Resources Snow Breweries Limited (or “CR Snow”), a subsidiary of China Resources Enterprise, Limited (or “The Company”) and a joint venture with SABMiller plc, announced that it has agreed to acquire three breweries in each of Anhui, Liaoning and Zhejiang Provinces in three separate transactions. (more…)