GEA has extensively further developed its well-establish K?ba market SP and K?ba SG commercial air cooler ranges. New motors reduce energy consumption by 30 % and at the same time increase efficiency to over 90 %. These developments have significantly increased air throw and simulta-neously lowered pressure drop. A newly developed terminal box is now an integral component of the fan, which considerably simplifies installation. All relevant components are simple and easy to clean and are part of the new GEA Hygienic Design concept.
From the heat exchanger, including case design, and up to aerodynamic optimized shape of the fans (including full bellmouth): the entire concept now offers optimal intercoordination of all these components. The result is appreciable enhancement of energy efficiency. Both cooler ranges already today more than satisfy the future stipulations of the European ErP Directive (EcoDesign Directive), which will go into effect in 2015. Basically, the fans are available in AC or EC technology. The fan unit is hinged and heated and features new, controlled drain of condensation water.

In the GEA K?ba SG commercial, curved fixed guide vanes pick up the swirl from the blade movement and direct the dynamic air flow into the horizontal. The benefit in complex refrigeration applications: strong, concentrated air flow – with up to 15 % greater air throw compared to the previous flow straightener – and with less air resistance and greater air volume. As a result, the air flow reaches into the farthest corners of the cold room, to guarantee short cooling times, homogeneous temperature levels for all products, and minimum temperature fluctuations.

It is a simple procedure to remove the air straightener, which allows ease of cleaning. Condensate drain grooves are now integrated into the full bellmouth. During the defrost cycle, there is a controlled flow of condensed water through these grooves into the drain pan. The splashguard for the motor is an added safety plus. It guarantees protection of the motor assembly and enables intensive cleaning with high pressure water cleaners – part of systematic GEA Hygienic Design.

The new S Class from GEA: the GEA K?ba market SP is available now, and the GEA K?ba SG commercial is scheduled for delivery beginning in the third quarter of 2013.

For decades now, these two GEA K?ba air cooler ranges have been successfully placed on the market. The market SP range is primarily used for simple cooling applications. SG commercial has earned respect especially for complex refrigeration applications directed to top-level merchandise protection – for example, in large cold- and frozen-storage facilities.

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