Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #2-2010

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Malt production and market The malt market has seen fundamental changes which was a joint action of many factors first leading to its growth and then to its abrupt collapse. The main tendency of 2008 was development of brewing companies’ own raw materials base and reduction in volumes of malt being sold and bought. In 2009 there were structural changes i.e. the list of the main suppliers became longer and they got more customers. Read this article (with Google translator) Promotion actions of brewing companies In the conditions of market shrinking the brewing companies opted for quite a straightforward consumer enticing i.e. promotion actions. The producers often propose the customers to capitalize their loyalty to beer brands. However what benefit can a promotion campaign give and how do we organize the right promotion? Last year agency Bojole research started a comprehensive research of brewers’ promotional activity. The results showed that the budget of the promotional action plays an important but the decisive role for sales growth. Research director Bojole research Olga Makarova has analyzed the effectiveness of promotion actions carried out by brewers in 2009, and has given several recommendations on promotion action planning. Read this article (with Google translator) Companies…

Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #1-2010

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Russia. The Catalogue of Brewing Industry Enterprises 473 Beer producers The characteristics of the regions   Central Region  (with Google translator) Northwest Region  (with Google translator) Southern Region  (with Google translator) Volga Region  (with Google translator) Ural Region  (with Google translator) Siberia Region  (with Google translator) Far East Region   (with Google translator)