Beer Business #2-2020. 2020 what’s new?

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Russian beer market 2020

1) The market positions of the major companies and brands in the first half of 2020;

2) Production structure – from craft to federal breweries;

3) The market segmentation by the price and package.

In 2020, the roles of sale channels have changed especially at the draft beer market. The relations with networks have been determined by brewers’ market share fluctuations. The official production and sales have been growing despite substantial decline in Heineken, Zavod Trekhsosenskiy, Ochakovo, and key regional breweries. Instead, the retail positions of AB InBev, small brewers, import and private labels have reinforced their positions.

Ukrainian beer market 2020

The natural volumes of beer production and sales have remained almost unchanged, yet in monetary terms the market stopped growing because of promotions and inexpensive brands growth. Unstable retail operation as well as COVID-adjusted behavior of consumers had different impacts on brewers. Yet in general, the negative effect was inverse to the scale of their activity. Thus, the leading threesome kept stable due to mass inflow of beer lovers to supermarkets. As the situation was difficult to foresee, the output dynamics of certain companies seriously differed from their sales in retail. The leaders’ positions were much influenced by promotion that was aroused by higher practicality in consumers. Almost all regional brewers incurred considerable losses at the years start because of unstable work of special beer shops. Craft brewers found themselves in the most difficult situation. The segment of beer in kegs and glass bottle that partially “flowed” to PET and can, decreased significantly.