“Journal.Beer” («Pivnoe Delo» in Russian) is the first-rate information and analytical edition in beer production markets of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and other countries of the Eastern Europe. The website provides our readers with daily extended list of the latest branch news as well as materials of magazines.

Our site stably takes the first places in the rate of the most active mass media* publishing information about significant events in brewing industry.

Banner advertising is an effective media-tool, and placing of an advertisement on our website is an address to the target audience, which guarantees high effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Attendance of the website

Website traffic (Russian+English versions) amounts to about 700 unique visitors per day. The main audience of the site is top management and specialists of enterprises of brewing and allied industries.

Price-list for banner location

Advertising zoneBanner sizeLocation at the siteCost per monthFile size limitation
Zone 1468х60All pages of the site, upside.220 EURUp to 15 Kb
Zone 2468х60All pages of the site, under the main material.150 EURUp to 15 Kb
Zone 3100×100All pages of the site, right-side.105 EURUp to 10 Kb

As an additional bonus we provide our partners with free service – placing of banner advertising in daily news delivery. At present the number of news delivery subscribers amounts to about 1000 and dynamically grows.

Banner advertising at our web-site is also available to you if you do not have a site. We will design a special page with the information about your company and place it at the server of the magazine “Pivnoe Delo”. Cost of page design is 20 EUR, placing of the page at the server is 10 EUR/month. We are also ready to consider placing of non-standard banner advertising.

Banner requirements

Format – GIF, JPEG, PNG, Flash.

We reserve the right of changing of advertising service prices during the process of web-site traffic raising. At the same time we guarantee invariability of prices for the advertising which has been already placed.

Concerning advertising, please, contact us:

E-mail: v.bobrovskaya@pivnoe-delo.info

Tel: +38 (057) 727-06-58

Head of advertising department: Valentina Bobrovskaya

* According to the data of a weekly analysis of beer brands mention in internet mass media held by the informational center “Elvisti”. More than one thousand and half internet mass media of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries in Russian and Ukrainian languages are analysed in the investigation.

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