Beer Business #3-2021. Russian beer market. Beer market of Ukraine.

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In 2021 Russian breweries have not lost their consumers, it even turned out that they started drinking more beer at home and more often. The market has held the high bar of the previous season, yet now it is growing by value and polarizing by price segments. The competition in the market has been determined by Carlsberg Group (that has regained its volumes, having sacrificed the margin) as well by rapidly growing private labels and import. In those conditions, AB InBev Efes and MBC demonstrated a good stability, while Heineken was reluctant to lose profitability and lost some of its share. The regional breweries in the east of the country also yielded their positions. 

Reinforcing of unexpected gain
Beer market trends
Import beer market
Beer keeps the consumer
Leading companies and their brands

AB InBev Efes
Baltika, Carlsberg Group
Heineken Russia
Other brewers

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Beer market of Ukraine 2021

The year of 2021 has given the brewers a chance to relax a little bit. Formally the production has been decreasing but most importantly, the market has stopped experiencing pressure from excessive stocks and producer’s and retail prices have gone upwards. The price growth was initiated by AB InBev Efes which negatively affected its share. The main market trends of 2021 are unprecedented growth of non-alcoholic beer output, restoring of the market share of kegged beer as well as rapid expansion of the can. Low starting position, growing role of supermarkets and Obolon’s activity promote the growth of this package

Where lost and where found
Prices set free
Can in chains
Market positions of Ukrainian brewers

Carlsberg Group
AB InBev Efes
Persha pryvatna brovarnia
Regional producers

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