New keg washing and racking machine goes compact

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KHS has developed a compact keg washing and racking machine for small and medium sized brewers and other beverage makers.
The German filling and packaging company claims that the new Innokeg Till CombiKeg is both compact and flexible.
At a viewing at its plant in Kriftel, Germany, KHS said brewers were impressed that a machine of such size can wash kegs inside and out and rack them as well. The company added that media tanks, controls and conveyors are integrated into the machine so nothing has to be done outside the machine.
It can be just put where it is needed on the factory floor and plugged in to start production.
In terms of size, KHS told this publication that the machine is small enough to fit entirely in a container so that it can be easily delivered overseas.
Innokeg Till CombiKeg is also modular so customers can decide how many washing and racking heads they need and control other elements like whether to go for return gas control or DFC racking. Additional equipment such as keg scales and a keg capper can be added downstream.
The machine operates on the principle of rotary processing and works on an output of 60 to 90 kegs an hour.
KHS announced the launch of the Innokeg Till CombiKeg at the same time as it announced its launch plans for the Interpack trade show in Dusseldorf in May.
The engineering company said it is planning to present new equipment for shrink packaging including a new generation of shrink tunnels, a shrink packer manipulating unit that wraps without shrinkage holes and online film printing for the coding of shrink packs.