Consumers decide on the new launching of Cusque?a Red Lager

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Local premium market innovation will continue
– Cusque?a Red Lager was launched in 2009 as a special edition, distinguished by its golden red colour and accentuated taste of malt and hops.
– In October 2010, Cusque?a Red Lager returned, surpassing sales expectations.
– Consumers have the option of voting that it return for more time by consulting the Cusque?a website at
Lima, March 1, 2011. – Cusque?a Red Lager, a special edition of Cusque?a, surpassed sales expectations when it was launched on the market in 2009 and 2010. This year, consumers of Cusque?a Red Lager have the option of voting so that it returns for a longer period of time than before.
In 2010, the special edition was launched on a national level. Its availability increased by 430%. Sales outlets where Cusque?a Red Lager appeared once again showed a 39% increase in business.
“We are very satisfied for having surpassed the expectations we had for launching Cusque?a Red Lager on the market in 2009 and 2010. We want to thank the public for having made this sales success possible. Therefore, due to constant requests by consumers for its return, we want to give them the opportunity to decide if we will launch it earlier than expected,” Enrique Rosas, director of Marcas Worthmore, part of Backus, commented.
He finished off by saying, “We have decided that if 200,000 beer drinkers vote for Cusque?a Red Lager’s return, we will launch it in July this year.” Consumers can vote on the Cusque?a website at, so that this special edition returns to the market in July. Up until now, around 28,000 people have voted.
Cusque?a Red Lager is the result of constant innovation in the premium beer market where Cusque?a beer, with all its varieties, is a leader. This work allows them to create this golden red beer, a result of the perfect combination of finely selected malts and natural barley toasted during the malt process.
Backus confirms its portfolio management strategy with the Cusque?a Red Lager Special Edition, launching highly distinguished products which add value to the categories in which it participates.

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