Miller ready to roll with Genuine Draft

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Miller Genuine Draft lager will be making its way down south this July, following its success in Scotland over the past few years.

Brand owner Miller Brands is set to build on the beer’s popularity north of the border, where it is the number-one packaged brand, by rolling it out across England and Wales this summer.

The company aims to support the expansion with a multi-million pound campaign, to include national TV advertising and an outdoor poster campaign under the slogan Tonight, It’s Miller Time.

To begin with, efforts will concentrate on urban locations such as Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle-on-Tyne with a series of events called Miller Time Live to be held in venues across the cities.

Consumers will be driven to events via the internet with the launch of a new website, the Miller Time Social Media Hub.

The site will allow people to share information with friends.

“Miller Genuine Draft is a fantastic opportunity for the on-trade to offer a point of difference to consumers in England and Wales,” said managing director Nick Miller.

“The buzz created from our high-impact campaign will accelerate consumer demand and drive sales.”

The brewer will be working hard to get its message of cold filtering across — the process by which Miller Geniune Draft is made — which involves no heat.

Instead the beer is filtered four times at near-freezing temperatures through porous ceramic filters.

It claims this gives the beer a fresher taste and “fruity, hoppy undertones”.