UK. Molson Coors announces ?7.3m Carling rebrand

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Molson Coors has unveiled details of its ?7.3m rebrand of Carling that will include the launch of a premium version of the brand.

Under the tagline “Refreshing and Brilliantly British”, it’s part of a strategy that aims to see Carling become a ?2bn brand by 2014 — current sales are 1.3bn sales a year.

As part of the rebrand, Carling Chrome will launch in the on and off trade from late August 2011. The product is less carbonated than standard Carling and has an ABV of 4.8%.

The launch will be supported with outdoor advertising in October 2011, followed up in the New Year with TV advertising.

The rebrand will also see Carling, along with Caffrey’s and Coors Light, launch in aluminium bottles. This will be supported within a national TV campaign breaking in September.

As part of the revamp Molson Coors is developing new fonts and new glassware available from 2012.

In additional, T-bar plagues will be available from the end of 2011 and new standalone fonts will be available from June 2012.

Chris McDonough, marketing director of Molson Coors, said: “Although Carling remains the UK’s No 1 beer brand, it has been increasingly losing ground over recent years.

“Our aim is to bring it back to being a confident and proud category leader, through the new positioning for Carling and the launch of Carling Chrome.”