Cervecer?a Hondure?a invests and promotes the development of Honduras

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Cervecer?a Hondure?a continues to make significant investments to modernize and strengthen its operations, reaffirming its confidence in the present and future of the country.

That is why its vehicle fleet is being renewed with the acquisition of 41 new trucks to distribute its products, representing an investment of 54 million lempiras equivalent to almost three million dollars.

Delivery trucks are International Brand, they will run in San Pedro Sula and neighboring cities, exposing its attractive design, color images and the pride of the Company, further evidence of its strength and sustained growth over nearly a century contributing to the development Honduras and its people.

The units are comfortable for users and can travel within five crew members, each with its own seat belt, have an advanced braking system, and its structure is suitable to meet the load handling provisions of the Ministry of Works, Transport and Housing, Soptravi.

An important aspect of this new fleet is equipped with safety features, to perform maneuvers typical of the conduct that help prevent accidents and reduce the risk of injury to occupants.

The manufacturer’s technical description shows significant advances in ergonomics, safety and high technology of the units also have a positive impact on environmental issues as they consume 20% less fuel, compared to the units they replace, which certainly confirms the company’s commitment to protect the environment.

Another important action on the renewal of the fleet is that new delivery truck drivers will be in charge of certificates, authorized by Cervecer?a Hondure?a and the manufacturer for this work, after an intense workout, which included: Preventive Maintenance and Operational Basic Mechanics, Traffic Law, Defensive Driving, and Safety.

This contributes to the professionalization and training of human resources constants of the company, Cervecer?a Hondure?a permanent practice as part of its commitment to provide knowledge and tools so that staff can perform their work.

The new drives will constitute 45% of the total vehicle fleet of the distribution center of the city of San Pedro Sula, the largest of the 14 centers operating in the country.

Cervecer?a Hondure?a invests in different orders. In July, the Company opened in Comayagua a new distribution center at a cost of ten millions lempiras, thus forceful the development of the central area of the country and providing excellent working conditions for staff and better service to retailers and the final consumer.

The review and opinion of two members of the Executive Committee on this important Cervecer?a Hondure?a investment:

Nelson Delgado, Company Distribution Vice President “A fleet renewal ensures the sustainability of Cervecer?a Hondure?a and improving staff working conditions and safety. The units provide greater confidence and increase performance in the market due to high technology, comfort and modernity.

These further strengthen our distribution scheme, serving customers more effectively and presenting a compelling image for the modern appearance of the units.”

Roberto Alvarez, Company Corporate Affairs Vice President “Cervecer?a Hondure?a is a leading company in constant growth and innovation, qualities that affirm with concrete actions, in this case, making significant investments to develop our operations and therefore of our country.

The modernization of the fleet also means a renew commitment to the strengthening of the Company and its members and contribute to income generation of our thousands of customers nationwide.”

“No doubt the Company Social Responsibility that characterizes us is revealed in this new fleet of trucks, since it will contribute to fuel savings and therefore have a positive impact on the environment and in turn motivates our staff to perform their work with a modern logistics.” concludes Alvarez.