Soufflet takeover of Durst Malz announced

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In a press release dated 29.09. the two companies announced the Merger of Heinrich Durst Malz GmbH & Co. KG with the French malting group Soufflet in Nogent sur ??Seine. As per market perception, one of the biggest, yet independent German maltster will rather be taken over by Soufflet.

Both are family owned malting companies with a long tradition. Durst operates in southwestern Germany Malz and Soufflet group, active throughout Europe, will start their common way on 01.10.2011 by common routes, if agreed by antitrust authorities.

Soufflet returned as a consolidator of the malting industry, after having invested in new capacities in Romania and France in recent years. A wave of consolidation in the German malting industry had been expected for several years. After a period of higher revenues, the outlook on future profitability seems insufficient for some owners to continue in the business.

Before, Graincorp Malt, taking over GermanMalt and Ireks acquisition of regional competitor Malzfabrik Schweinfurt had already made headlines in 2011. With Durst-Malz yet another German malting company lost its independence.