Kirin Brewery of America Launches World’s First 0.00% Alcohol Content Malt Beverage

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Creating an entirely new beverage category, high-end beer brewer, Kirin Brewery of America LLC (Kirin), today announced it is introducing Kirin Free, the world’s first 0.00% alcohol content beertaste malt beverage to the United States, with the initial launch in three select Southern California counties — Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego.

Previously introduced and on the market in Japan, the new malt beverage is already a top seller in the country. Kirin Free’s unique 0.00% alcohol profile is set to revolutionize the way people can enjoy a malt beverage.

“Anyone who desires a malt beverage, but doesn’t want the affects of any alcohol at all can enjoy Kirin Free. It’s refreshing yet very flavorful, and goes well with all kinds of food,” said Randy Higa, president, Kirin Brewery of America. “We are excited to bring this new beverage to the U.S. and are looking forward to receiving feedback from consumers.”

Kirin Free’s innovative yeast-free brewing process results in a completely alcohol-free, yet delicious beertaste beverage. Kirin Free boasts only 60 calories per 11.3-ounce serving.

Higa continued, “the success of Kirin Free in Japan is something that we’ll strive to build upon in the U.S., and we’re hopeful that consumers here will respond favorably to its 0.00% alcohol content and great taste.”

Kirin currently has two beer brands – Kirin Ichiban and Kirin Light – which are sold in the United States primarily at Japanese restaurants and high-end liquor and grocery stores. Kirin Free will initially be available in 11.3-ounce bottles at select locations in Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties) in early October 2011, and distributed through Anheuser-Busch wholesalers and Mutual Trading Company, a leading purveyor of Japanese foods.

Kirin Free is intended for consumers of legal drinking age and over, and will be sold and marketed as such.

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About Kirin Brewery of America LLC

Kirin Brewery of America is headquartered in Torrance, CA and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd., Tokyo. In conjunction with its U.S. licensing partner Anheuser-Busch, Inc., Kirin Brewery of America provides sales support for Kirin Ichiban and Kirin Light beers, available in nearly every major metro area of the U.S. Kirin Ichiban made a splash in the world of super premium beers when it debuted in 1990, and was recently reformulated to be 100% malt, becoming the world’s only first-press, all-malt beer. Kirin Light is a full-bodied light beer with only 95 calories per 12oz serving, and is currently the best-selling Japanese and Asian light beer in the U.S.