Craft Beer Maker BrewDog Backed by 5,000 Investors With 10% of Shares Still Up for Grabs

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Revolutionary UK brewers BrewDog, currently turn over ?6.5 million per year and are set to expand even further after the investment of 5,000 shareholders. The benefactors have joined through the second instalment of BrewDog’s unique and now legendary business model – Equity for Punks.

The launch of Equity for Punks II has been well received with 90% of shares selling almost straightaway. Investors look to enjoy a huge ROI while benefitting from a host of special offers that comes with BrewDog’s innovative shareholder’s package.

BrewDog are offering lifetime discounts in all of their craft beer bars. Their venues are focused around the purity and character of flavoursome microbrews. They are the anti-thesis to the gastro pub and have become extremely popular in the UK.

Discounts are also exclusive to shareholders who want to buy beer online and enjoy BrewDog’s inimitable beers at home. The company creatively label their drinks with titles like Trashy Blonde, Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Punk IPA to name but a few.

Meanwhile, they state on the website that their beer is brewed with passion rather than harmful preservatives – all drinks are 100% free of any unhealthy additives.

A spokesperson for the company commented:

‘Equity for Punks was a massive success for everyone the first time around. Now it’s back and better than before. We have already had a great response and as soon as that final 10% is snapped up, we can really start to get excited about the second phase of our revolution!’

Partly owning BrewDog enables shareholders to have an authoritative say in business decisions and attend what the company promise to be ‘legendary’ annual general meetings. A welcome pack including an official BrewDog ID card is also part of the offer but the real clincher is how this company seems destined for success.

Depending on how much people want to invest in BrewDog, they can qualify for even more special offers from the Equity for Punks II business model.

The company are making real advances both with their bars on the ground and with their marketing of beer online. With 10% of shares still available you can embark on what promises to be a famous journey with BrewDog – just visit to find out more.

About BrewDog

BrewDog has been exciting imaginations since 2007 and is Scotland’s largest independent brewery.

All their beers are made from fresh natural ingredients; they use no preservatives, additives or pasteurization.

The company is dedicated to making cool, contemporary and progressive beers showcasing some of the world’s classic beer styles. All with an innovative twist and customary BrewDog bite.

BrewDog is about breaking rules, taking risks, upsetting trends, unsettling institutions but first and foremost, great tasting beers.