Dashen Brewery to open second facility

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Ethiopia-based Dashen Brewery plans to open its second brewery in the central part of Ethiopia around Debre Birhan town, North Shoa Zone of Amhara Region.

The new facility will be the second brewery in Debre Birhan, joining Habesha Brewery Share Company. It is expected to bring the production capacity to close to one hectoliters from the current 750,000 hectoliters.

Dashen Brewery has submitted a request for 20 hectares of land with a project proposal sent to the Debre Birhan City Administration in December 2011 and gained the approval recently.

Dashen Brewery underwent a massive expansion since 1995, after its short-lived partnership with the French-owned BGI. It is now entering into a new partnership with a London-based Duet Group and Vasari Global to inject $90m to increase its production and distribution.

In September 2011, Dashen tried to acquire Meta Abo Brewery in a joint venture with the asset manager of Duet Group.

According to the company, the second brewery will create 1,400 jobs, 800 of which will be temporary.