$52 million investment – Molson Coors inaugurates new can line at Montreal brewery

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Molson Coors today officially inaugurated a new can line at the Montreal brewery in the presence of company executives and Sam Hamad , Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Exports.

The Montreal brewer invested $52 million to equip the Montreal brewery with expanded can production capacity. More specifically, this investment provided for the addition of a 355 ml and 473 ml can line, 250 ml can production capability, as well as modernization of two bottling and kegging lines. The largest investment by Molson Coors in its Canadian breweries in 2011, it was also the largest at the company’s Montreal brewery in over 25 years.

“This major investment in the modernization of our brewery, the pride of Montreal for the past 225 years, speaks to our commitment to the future of Molson Coors in Quebec , but more importantly to our willingness to consistently raise our standards and ensure that our Montreal facility remains a model of innovation,” stated Dave Perkins , President and Chief Executive Officer, Molson Coors Canada .

These enhancements will enable Molson Coors to repatriate can production volume destined for the Quebec market, while ensuring the competitiveness of company facilities in Montreal . The additional can production capacity will also allow for the production, exclusively in Montreal , of the new Coors Light Iced T, due to launch across Canada in April.

Additionally, the setup of the new can line will make it possible to more rapidly achieve ambitious water and energy reduction targets set by Molson Coors, which has made responsible resource use a company priority. Indeed, the can line alone will enable Molson Coors to save 8.4 million litres of water in the coming year, the equivalent of sixteen Olympic-sized pools of water.

“We are understandably delighted with this announcement as the new leading edge equipment will enable Molson Coors’ Montreal brewery to remain competitive. By increasing the productivity of its brewery, the company contributes to the growth of our economy,” underscored Minister Hamad.

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