With its GEA EcoServe product line GEA is offering a tailor-made service for optimum plate heat exchanger availability

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Bochum, November 2012 – GEA is featuring its comprehensively revamped GEA EcoServe plate heat exchanger after-sales & service at Brau Beviale. In future GEA EcoServe will be offering every plant operator a modular package comprising freely-selectable components to match specific requirements – just as you might expect in individual service management. From preventative equipment testing though spare parts procurement up to comprehensive service level agreements, GEA EcoServe offers all conceivable elements for both its own products and plate heat exchangers from other manufacturers.

The costs for servicing and maintenance of machinery and equipment are regularly not weighted anything close to the initial capital investment, but these follow-up costs are of enormous importance. In Germany they make up almost six per cent of the gross national product and are therefore approximately at the average level of gross capital investments in the German commercial sector. And these figures do not include any costs for downtimes and equipment failure, which experts estimate to be possibly three to four times higher than the actual maintenance costs. Success in commercial manufacturing depends quite considerably on the availability of the production equipment.

The GEA EcoServe product line combines a range of top-class services in a single system to ensure optimum management of lifecycle costs. Preventative maintenance with the goal of avoiding plant downtimes is a central feature. As with the procurement of high quality spare parts for all makes or in training courses GEA customers benefit from the know-how and experience of a manufacturer – and also from the fact that experience from the service operations flows directly into design and production.

The GEA EcoServe service provided by GEA PHE Systems stands for tailor-made customised solutions. The objective is always to achieve individual service agreements, with parameters exactly matched to the specific requirements of the customer and agree these in binding
contracts. As industrial insurers generally demand that the plant operator uses high quality spare parts, all GEA components are available quickly and at all times, are subject to stringent quality testing, are certified and ensure compliance with your manufacturer warranty.

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