GGB launches cassava beer, Ruut Extra Premium

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Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd (GGBL), Ghana’s only total beverage business, has launched a new home-grown beer called Ruut Extra Premium Beer.
Being Ghana’s first cassava beer, Ruut Extra Premium Beer is brewed from the “very best local raw materials” sourced from around the country and is an authentic beer with a pleasant aroma and a distinctive refreshing taste.
It is the first of its kind ever to be produced in Ghana and it will begin a national rollout this December, first be seen in the Western, Central and Volta regions.
“Ruut Extra Beer is a well-balanced, premium beer that will offer Ghanaians the real taste of good quality refreshing beer at a reasonable retail price of GHs 1.60p”, a statement released Tuesday read.
The statement added that: “Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited, over the years has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to find the perfect recipe to produce a beer worthy of its Ghanaian roots. Available in a stylish 625ml bottle with a distinctive gold metallic label and has an ABV of 6%, Ruut Extra Premium Beer has been developed specifically to satisfy Ghanaian men looking for a premium local beer.”
The company believes that by producing this beer, it is demonstrating its commitment to local agriculture and providing a positive impact on the local economy and farmers, particularly in the more deprived areas of the country.
“Guinness Ghana Breweries has been investing in local raw material sourcing for more than a decade; working in partnership with local suppliers and farmers, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, NGOs and researchers to help develop sustainable local raw material supplies, through improvement in productivity of farmers.”
Peter Ndegwa, Managing Director of GGBL said, ‘we are passionate about enriching the communities in which we operate and through our local raw material sourcing initiatives, we aim to improve the lives of Ghanaian farmers by supporting and investing in Agriculture; currently, we have impacted about 7000 farmers in the three Northern Regions in Ghana.
“With this resurgence of national pride, Ruut Extra Premium beer offers consumers the opportunity to express their pride and support for a product that is truly born from our soil,” he added.
Agnes Essah, Marketing Director also commented: ‘We are delighted to introduce this truly Ghanaian beer to the marketplace. For the first time ever we are able to offer a premium, high-quality beer, whose main ingredient is Cassava; a mainstay of Ghanaian agriculture, Ruut Extra Premium Beer is not only affordable, but also has a high quality refreshing taste.”
The beer will be available in West Central and Volta regions, with other parts of the country having access to it within the upcoming months.
Note: As we enter into the festive period, Guinness Ghana breweries Ltd would like to remind its cherished consumers to drink responsibly and offers these responsible drinking tips.
o Alcohol is Strictly for 18+

o Plan ahead – don’t drive after drinking

o Alternate your drinks with water to stay refreshed

o Eat before or whilst drinking

o Soft drink spacers between drinks can help pace an evening

o Avoid top-ups so you can keep track of your alcohol intake