Scots brewery signs distribution deal with Hofbr?uhaus

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Arran Brewery has signed a deal with Munich’s famous Hofbr?uhaus to bottle and distribute the German beer in Scotland.

ArranUnder the deal the beers will initially be imported already bottled but it is hoped as the Scottish brewery’s bottling and storage plants develop the beer can be imported in bulk and bottled here in the UK.

The deal will come into effect in January next year and see Arran Brewery importing the Hofbr?uhaus’ lagers and weissbiers. The Scottish beers in turn will be exported to Germany.

Arran Brewery is small but expanding quickly having recently acquired the Isle of Skye Brewery and, just last month, the old Rosebank Distillery in Falkirk.

Managing director, Gerald Michaluk, told The Scotsman that he has plans to initially turn part of Rosebank into a brewing and bottling plant but also that he would like to make whisky there again.

Rosebank is one of Scotland’s famous “silent” distilleries, with the whisky produced before its closure much sought after by collectors.

Owner Diageo sold the building recently and stipulated that no whisky could be produced there until after 2017, something Michaluk is hoping to have repealed.