Beer Business (Pivnoe Delo) #4-2012

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Expressive Beer 

Interview with Eugene Kashper, co-owner of Oasis CIS

“Moscow Brewing Company” is a unique project for Russia. Having started its operation in the depth of recession, the company has been demonstrating dynamic sales and market share growth for more than 3 years. In the Central region “Zhiguli Barnoye” has won the leading positions in the mainstream segment and the output volume of “MBC” is too large for the company to be classified as a medium sized producer. But Eugene Kashper prefers to call the company a small one, opposing his business approach to the strategies of market leaders. He believes that Russian brands must have historical, cultural and formula roots in Russia. Thus, when buying “MBC” beer consumers can express themselves and distance from the society of mass consumption. However, the further company development will to a large extent depend on the willingness of retail network to deal with alternative products in the new market conditions.

Territory of freedom

Interview with Andrey Matsola, CEO of “PPB” and Oasis CIS alliance

The most important event Ukrainian brewery saw in 2012 is assets merging of two independent producers, namely “First Private Brewery” (Persha Pryvatna Brovarnia) and Oasis CIS. Due to restyling of existing brands the joined company managed to substantially reinforce its market positions, having gained 5% of the market. This became possible thanks to capacity growth of Lvov enterprise as well as to utilization of brewery in Radomyshl.

In his interview Andrey Matsola told about new conditions and market policy and relationships with the business partners.

Ukraine: upswing of beer brandbuilding 

In 2012 the palette of Ukrainian beer market became much more colorful and interesting. New products «piloted» in Russian beer market were rapidly gaining their market weight at the expense of the old brands. Among the brands launched in 2012 licensed brands, or brands alluding to foreign origin prevailed. Due to them there was a considerable widening of the product range in the upper mainstream and premium segments. By October 2012 the market share of the new brands in the largest Ukrainian cities exceeded 4%, which is not bad at all for a term of one year.

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