Plze?sk? Prazdroj: Company Highlights in 2012

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Plze?sk? Prazdroj innovated and introduced a string of novelties:

Gambrinus tap beer with a fuller taste and the name Gambrinus Original 10°
two new mixed beer–based drinks with a low 2.1 % alcohol content: Gambrinus Sharp Lemon and Gambrinus Lime & Elderberry
F?nix, upper fermented beer with a fresh wheat malt aroma, a taste of orange peels and a dash of cilantro
new variety of Frisco: Black Currant
the best selling Czech beer, Gambrinus Origin?l 10° is available in 1.5l plastic bottles
Gloomy Bitter lager Master: the first semi–dark beer in the history of Radegast brewery

Celebrating of 170th anniversary of Plze?sk? Prazdroj and its beer Pilsner Urquell

Various events took place whole year/all year long, which culminated in a great celebration at the 5th of October on Pilsner Square of the Republic, where the unfiltered pilsner lager was poured from original 170–litre oak barrels.
On the occasion of the anniversary the special jubilee “mugs”, a beer clock next to the historical brewery gates and limited editions of gold and silver memorial medals were launched.
A unique book “Pilsner Urquell – a story that continues to inspire”, full of little-known information framed within the social realities of each period, was launched.
Anniversary auction of seventeen unique designed bottles of Pilsner Urquell on earned for Centrum Paraple more than CZK 1 million.

Beer culture development

July: In Brno, the operation of the new Pilsner Urquell restaurant called “Plzni?ka” has been launched. The concept of these new restaurants will appeal especially to young adults not only as a pleasant place for hanging out but also as a space to express themselves artistically.
August: Plze?sk? Prazdroj and Interspar companies introduce a new concept in the presentation and resale of beer. The new concept offers a comfortable and sophisticated way of beer shopping, simple navigation, and general information about beer, especially about PGI Czech Beer.
CSR and Sustainable development

February: Sustainable development specialists from Radegast Brewery came up with a solution for the ecological handling of disposable labels. The waste is now used as a secondary raw material in compost production.
August: Plze?sk? Prazdroj inaugurated its new device used for partial dehydration of draff that will be sent to Plze? Heating Plant Inc. to be used to generate green energy.
October: In its breweries in Pilsen, Plze?sk? Prazdroj has initiated a trial period of a new device that will conserve electric energy. It uses so–called disposable cold from the beer cooling circuit.
Company awards

May: Pavel Kon??, for the quality assurance department of Plze?sk? Prazdroj, became Taster of the Year in competition with 21 European breweries of the SABMiller Group. The Czech contestant did not stumble in the competition of more than 200 professional tasters, and he has become the first Czech to win the title.
September: The foreman of the coopers’ team at Plze?sk? Prazdroj, Josef Hr?za, was awarded the title „Keeper of Traditional Folk Craft Artistry.“
October: Plze?sk? Prazdroj has scored second place in the 10th annual survey contest “Employer of the Year.”
Success of Prazdroj beer brands in competitions:

Australian Beer Awards: silver medal for Gambrinus Premium
Pivex: 2nd Radegast Premium, 3rd Gambrinus Premium, 2nd Gambrinus Sv?tl?
?esk? pivo: silver medals in their categories: Kozel sv?tl?, Kozel Medium, Radegast Premium, Gambrinus Premium
World Beer Awards: Birell awarded the best non-alcoholic beer.