A brewery of your own? Not too difficult and expensive!

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Why Henrich Schulz?

#1 on the market

Ukrainian market of brewing equipment is rapidly growing and company Henrich Schulz is developing even more rapidly. Since 2003 the team of Henrich Schulz has launched 27 of small brewing factories in Ukraine and implemented more than 20 major projects in Ukraine, as well as in countries of the CIS, Europe, and North America.
In 2011 Henrich Schulz became the sales leader. In 2012-2013 we implemented 37 projects of different scales from small restaurants to industrial mini-plants with large capacity. Over the four months of the current 2014 year, Henrich Schulz has already implemented 4 projects, and 9 more are underway. Nobody of foreign suppliers of brewing equipment can boast of such speed of growth and scales.

We rank first in all markets where our breweries are represented!

Western approach to quality

The projects of Henrich Schulz breweries are designed by German specialists. We use qualitative materials and component parts by European producers. Your brewery will have a stop valve made in the Czech Republic, electric equipment from Germany and South Korea, electric drives from Italy, and the brewery itself will be made of stainless steel AISI 304, which is recommended to be used in brewery production. The high surface quality of brewing tanks and weld joints are obtained by finer finish accuracy. Thorough finishing-out of all surfaces, which contact with brewing syrup and beer, prevent bacterial growth in micropores and microcracks. Our equipment has internal smoothing at the level “mirror”, that is 2В (IIIC), and the weld roughness is not more than Ra 0,32 µм.The after sales service term lasts 36 months under the condition of periodic technical service provided by our specialists.

Moderate price

Henrich Schulz would not have become the market leader if the company could not supply you with a functional and practical brewery at a reasonable price. The units of equipment from producer’s warehouse cost less as you do not have to pay mark up to the intermediaries.

What forms the price

The price of the equipment depends on the degree of automation and design requirements. For example, the basis semi-automatic brewery costs less but is absolutely capable to brew excellent flavorous beer. On the other hand, a fully automated (computerized) equipment does not demand human intervention and makes the whole process of brewing many times easier. If a brewery is located in a restaurant, we decorate it with copper lining. Besides we can expand a standard project by any equipment or component parts (beer filter, kegs, beer distribution system to bar and tables, filling in and out heads including “Pegas” type, mobile tanks, mobile pavilions with a logo and so on).

In the catalogue at site www.schulz-brewery.com there are a lot of models, for various production volumes with the actual prices.

“Turnkey” technology

Your private brewery will at once work trouble free and to the maximum effectiveness. The price of Henrich Schulz equipment includes not only a turnkey installation, launch and staff training but also formulas and production technology of several sorts of wonderful beer. You can learn about several sorts of Schulz at our website and taste beer at a restaurant of our partners. In brewing much depends on the professionalism of the brewer technologist and the quality of the raw materials. That is why company Henrich Schulz provides the services of private skilled brewer (or brew Master from the Czech republic at the wish of the client), who will be responsible for all technical and technological questions and will also help in purchasing quality raw materials from leading German, Belgian, Czech and Slovak producers at moderate prices.

We are now in Russia!

The quality and price of our equipment draw attention of Russian partners more and more often. At the end of 2013 we accomplished two large projects in Ryazana and Volgodonks. And at the beginning of 2014 we are implementing as many as nine projects.
Company already has several major projects to its credit. For example, at the beginning of 2014, company Henrich Schulz delivered brewing equipment to a capacity of 5000 l to Quebec (Canada).

Now we are in Europe too

For operation in European market Henrich Schulz passed an audit for correspondence of European safety directives (EN ISO 12100:2010, EN 60204-1:2006+A1:2009), and has CE marking of its production which is confirmed by a compliance certificate, issued by T?V. The first contract in Europe was concluded with Polish company AGROL for supply of a brewery with a capacity of 500 l per day. This brewery is located in Biathlon complex in Jamrozowa Polana.

Special offer for small pubs and restaurants

Our new product is restaurant brewery with a capacity of 100 l per day. It is designed specially for small HoReCa establishments for 40-60 seats. These breweries are compact and will need only 12 m2 to be installed. You do not need three-phase network as the brewery works from 220 V power supply. One more trait of our equipment is mobility. You can order a brewery which can be placed on a beach during the “high” tourist season or even a transportable brewery.

We will select the best brewing equipment for you!

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