Pilsena – transfiguration of kegs

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Pilsena - transfiguration of kegs

We have been on the market of beverage dispense equipment for many years and we know that our clients constantly experience lack of kegs. Pilsena has been long providing its partners with service of keg operation maintenance. But the market grew and in 2011 we switched to big production.

Currently Pilsena is one of the major trade and industrial players on the keg market. We are always glad to:

• Offer you used and new kegs by wholesale and retail. Among our clients there are companies which bought several tens of kegs and big wholesalers with orders for thousands of units. We always have restored and new kegs of different capacity in stock.
• Purchase used kegs of DIN and Euro types of various capacity from you.
• Restore used kegs – from ordinary washing to complete restoration depending on the client’s wish. In order to do it, we built a fully equipped shop floor for the whole range of keg service. For example, the process of keg restoration can include cleaning, dent repairing, puncture wending, polishing, cleaning, deformed keg neck correcting, neck replacing, threading of theadless keg neck, and even capacity changing from 50 liter to 30 or 20 liters.

Делать покупки у нас очень просто. Вы можете приобрести кеги и любое типовое оборудование в режиме онлайн. На сайте www.pilsena.lt, в полностью функциональном интерент-магазине, выбранный заказ оформляется за несколько минут. Мы поставляем кеги и оборудование во все страны СНГ (оптом и в розницу).Our
armory includes unique equipment for cleaning surfaces of the kegs. This machine was designed exclusively for Pilsena, basing on the demands from our technicians and engineers. After the restoration, the keg surface looks like new, as all welds and calcinations sites are grinded, all defects are removed, all cracks are smoothed and all keg surface is polished.

After reconstruction to the original state, the kegs are ready to reliably work for a long time.

Besides, the restoration workshop includes a separate washing machine, which cleans the interior surface of kegs from the film which is formed during repetitive use.

At the request of the customer we remove old paint, stickers, marks and apply new logos. The marks are not simply stuck, but mechanically applied by means of sand blasting or electrolysis, which makes the logo more environment-resistant. Besides, the colors of your trademark can be put on the logo. The colorful logo will effectively stand out against the background of monochrome trademarks of your competitors. Your kegs will immediately be recognized.

Once you contact us for restoration and purchase of kegs, you will become our regular client!

Beer and circuses

UAB Pilsena is a multiprofile company with a high production and constructional capacity. Our crown jewelry is a range of projects for equipping stadiums with beer dispensing systems.

Thus, several years ago, Pilsena faced a real challenge, that is, to provide beverage dispensing to the public of arena “Kauno Zalgirio arena”. The largest in Baltic states modern sport complex was build especially for European basketball championship, which took place in Lithuania in 2011.

We were certainly not the only candidate for the contracting firm. But our staff possessed experience of equipping similar arenas in Vilnius, Riga, Shaulyai, and at many smaller objects. We offered the customer an innovational project, suitable for a big complex at a reasonable price. The design complex allowed dispensing more drinks with less leakage on the line. All together there were mounted 54 lines of fast beverage dispensing to customers.

In spite of the project complexity, our system is easy to operate, that is why if necessary the service activities are carried out quickly and easily. The suggested service plan was so effective, that Zalgirio arena is still one of our clients.

Creative impulse

Our regular clients are brewing enterprises, bars, restaurants, companies in eco tourism business and other HoReCa establishments. Working in bar and restaurant segment we acquired a solid experience of designing from “greenfield to operations”. You get not only the project of dispensing equipment, but also design of interior, furniture and equipment.

The style of bars and restaurants will be adjusted to a sole design conception – ranging from classic German to hi-tech or gothic. In order to achieve the atmosphere you need, we can offer not only the standard equipment design, but also develop something unique together with you – anything that can be materialized in metal.

Thus, if you get a creative urge while designing your establishment, we will be happy to help. For our work for us is an exciting process, which is never limited to a standard project. We would like to demonstrate not only our technical skills and experience, but also our “poignant” creative approach, which makes us special, one of a kind.

UAB Pilsena