ZIEMANN at the BrauBeviale 2014

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Focus on lautering technology – lauter tun and mash filter from a single source

At this year’s BrauBeviale ZIEMANN International GmbH, located in Ludwigsburg, will be focussing on the lautering technology. In this respect, Ziemann takes into account that the lautering process plays an important role in terms of efficiency, wort quality and the brewing sequence. Furthermore, the current market trends have a direct influence on the design and areas of application of a lauter tun or mash filter.

On the one hand, there are the craft breweries, whose production is oriented towards the traditional brewing process. Currently, these craft breweries are very successful with their special craft beers. For this segment Ziemann offers its new LOTUS lauter tun design from a cast-out wort volume of 50 hl. Ziemann will be presenting the new lauter tun design during the BrauBeviale. Lotus is particularly suitable for craft breweries, since the lauter tun efficiently processes different types of grist and original wort and impresses with its simple and smart design.

Global large-scale breweries, however, also need the right tools for the production of beer. For this segment Ziemann offers its proven high-performance lauter tun as well as its self-developed mash filter TCM (Thin Layer Chamber Mash Filter). The mash filter system has established itself in the market, especially where high-gravity beers are brewed with raw grains or an alternative source of starch. Under these conditions, the mash filter TCM processes up to 25 tons of grist and brew sizes of up to 1,500 hl. Moreover, the Ziemann mash filter accomplishes up to 16 brews per day.

Ziemann is therefore the world’s only supplier who offers both mash filters and lauter tuns for all relevant market segments. Ziemann advises its customers on the selection of the appropriate system, taking into account the individual needs and requirements. Furthermore, Ziemann provides innovative and tailor-made solutions for craft breweries as well as for large-scale breweries – from the malt intake right through to the bright beer tank cellar. The product range in the area of the wort treatment extends from the malt intake, via grist mills, mash vessels, lauter tuns, mash filters, wort kettles and whirlpools up to the wort cooler. In the area of the cold block Ziemann offers fermentation and storage tanks, bright beer tanks as well as yeast and water tanks. Ziemann plans, engineers and automates the process and the cleaning technology in all production areas, including the installation of process pipework and the integration of all required utilities. For modernizations, capacity expansions as well as for completely new brewery plants – Ziemann provides innovative solutions and is a valued expert.
Last but not least, Ziemann is a competent and reliable partner for craft breweries and large-scale breweries in the field of research and development. Ziemann supports its customers, for example, in developing individual beer recipes.

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Further information:
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Ziemann is the only supplier who offers both lauter tuns and mash filters for all relevant market segments. The mash filter TCM is particularly suitable for large-scale breweries, which process raw grains or an alternative source of starch.