BrauBeviale 2015: ZIEMANN will be presenting a new milling system „One for all“

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At BrauBeviale 2015 ZIEMANN will be presenting the new milling system T-Rex. The novel approach is based on the fact, that all currently used milling systems reveal several disadvantages: Steep conditioning mills cause high maintenance costs for riffles. Dry roller mills result either in higher investment costs or a lower throughput. Hammer mills have a high electricity consumption and the installed engine power is huge. In addition, all these systems are tailor-made to treat only one or two different brewing grains. If more grains are used, further machines are necessary.

The new milling system T-Rex breaks through these limits, regarding the lauter technology as well as the use of different raw materials. At the same time the innovative universal milling system is absolutely competitive in quality, performance, maintenance and energy costs.

• unique characteristic by flexibility concerning both, upstream material flow and downstream brewing process
• compensation of current disadvantages
• exceeding previous performances regarding the raw material crushing
• simultaneously saving energy

Hall 6, Stand 100