What Indians want more – Beer, Whisky or Rum?

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When it comes to alcoholic beverages, Indians prefer Beer over Whisky or Rum.

According to Goonj India Index 2015 report made exclusively available to Zeenews.com, Beer tops the list of alcoholic beverages followed by Wine, Vodka, Absinthe and Champagne in the first five spots.

Beer was a predictable number 1 in the ranks by a large margin. A real surprise though, is the very high search volumes for Absinthe which is considered to be a relatively new pouring in the prodigal Indian shot glass. Clearly, digital India is open to experimentations when it comes to the tipple and mentioning Rum is considered way cooler among Indians in social media than single malt.

Check out the graph here:

alcoholic beverages in India

The index is a chronicle of what Indians were most interested in!