India. Beer and Wine Parlour Owners Form New Association in Kerala

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A group of bar owners affiliated to the Kerala Bar Hotel Association (KBHA), led by V M Radhakrishnan, on Sunday decided to form a new association for beer and wine parlour owners by bifurcating the KBHA.

At the meeting, which took the decision here on Sunday, it was also decided to ascertain that exact amount the KBHA had collected from its members in connection with the bar licence issue.

However, office-bearers of the new association said they would not implead in the bar bribery case, which is under the consideration of the Vigilance Court. They also reaffirmed the decision to go ahead with the review petition filed in the Supreme Court in connection with renewal of bar licence.

“The new association will have beer and wine parlour owners in the State as members. They will be given separate invitation to join the new association,” said Radhakrishnan. Earlier, the majority of the members who attended the meeting observed that a separate association for beer and wine parlour owners was needed as most of the bars in the State, except those attached to five-star hotels, were converted into beer and wine parlours.

Details of the amount paid by each bar owner to the KBHA for availing licence will be gathered, which will then be confirmed with the KBHA. “If the KBHA fails to respond in a satisfactory manner, we would go ahead with legal proceedings against the organisation,” said Radhakrishnan.

There were a total of 751 bar hotels in Kerala, run by 300 owners. They include 418 bar hotels without star-rating and 312 three/four star hotels, which were later converted into beer and wine parlours. Sunday’s meeting was attended by 150 beer and wine parlour owners.