Thailand. After the growth of the beer market in 2015 to 3.8% it is expected the decline in 2016

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The brands of Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) Group remain the most popular in Thailand. The best proof is the leading position of the flagship brand Heineken, which almost entirely forms the largest premium segment of the beer market.

Maintenance of the status and reputation requires a flexible marketing policy not only from Heineken. In the new season the importers provided beer with new flavors and updated packaging to better meet consumer preferences. Cheers beer has completely changed the design of cans in honor of the 10th anniversary in the Thai market. Heineken has launched a campaign called «Shape Your City» in order to attract more consumers.

However, not only the packaging, but the prices on beer have changed from April 1. In retail they grew by 10-15 baht. So, one bottle of Singha beer 330 ml or Leo costs 39 baht, the same price of 630 ml Elephant Beer. Heineken of 320 ml costs 44 baht, and 490 ml costs 49 baht, Thansettakij writes.

The total volume of the beer market in Thailand in 2015 is estimated at 1.39 trillion baht, which is 3.8% more than in 2014. In real terms the market grew by 1.3% to 1.5 billion litres. Heineken is the undisputed leader in the premium segment, with a market share of 96%, which amounts to 6.54 billion baht. Mainstream segment is mainly represented by Leo brand, which accounts for 66.4% of sales and by Elephant Beer with 26.7%. Economy segment is 3.3 billion baht and represented by the only brand Asha with 100% market share.

According Thansettakij, in 2016, it is expected the fall of the beer market by 3.5% as a result of the general economic decline in the country, reduction of the purchasing power of the population and increasing of beer prices.