India. Firms in Punjab seek major hike in scotch, beer prices

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Major liquor brands have sought to dramatically increase their ex-distillery price (EDP) in Punjab after the state government recently altered its licence category allowing ‘super-wholesalers’ to come into the business. This may lead to a dramatic increase in minimum retail price (MRP) of popular brands of scotch and beer. The excise and taxation department is talking to the manufacturers to keep the increase in check. According to one estimate, the EDP may go up by anywhere between Rs 400 and Rs 1,500.

EDP is the price of liquor leaving a distillery, brewery or bottling plant. The excise tax, VAT and service tax of 14.3% and other cesses are added later.

The new EDP of various brands were disclosed in public notices by the excise department, asking people to give their objections if any on these prices. This includes both beer and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). The notices have been uploaded on the department’s website and elsewhere.

According to the notice, a case of Budweiser Magnum Beer (24 cans of 500 ml) may now be available at an EDP of Rs 2,329.92 instead of the earlier Rs 856. Effectively, a Budweiser bottle costing Rs 150 could now cost three times more.

Similarly, the EDP on a case of Kingfisher Premier Lager Beer has been sought to be doubled from Rs 509.8 to Rs 901. The EDP on Kingfisher Extra Strong Premimum can be upped from Rs 605 to Rs 979.99, thereby taking the single can/bottle price to Rs 230 from Rs 110.

Premium scotch and vodka brands of the United Spirits have been hiked in all denominations of 750 ml, 180 ml and 60 ml. The EDP on 12 bottles of 750ml of Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka will now be Rs 3,100 instead of Rs 2,500.