India. Summer effect: beer, liquor sales up in Vijayawada

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High temperatures during March and April left the people of the district in torrid weather but the same has contributed to abnormal rise in sale of beer and liquor.

Scorching temperatures and sale of booze are always directly proportional and the same has been proved by the tipplers who consumed as many as 5,57,580 cases of liquor and beer worth Rs. 132.20 crore during April alone this year.
This registered a sale of 1,64,530 extra cases of liquor and beer with profit of Rs. 37.90 crore as last year during the corresponding month only 3,93,050 cases of liquor and beer worth Rs. 94.30 crore were sold, according to Krishna district Excise deputy commissioner Battula Arun Rao.

Speaking to The Hindu , Mr. Rao said rising temperatures had contributed to increase in the consumption but sales came down during the past couple of days. It may be noted that temperature came down following thunders and showers in the city recently.

The sale of beer saw more rise than liquor at 36. 57 per cent during April and in March 40 per cent increase had been registered.

During March more than 1.90 lakh cases of beer were sold against 1.28 lakh cases sold last year in the same month.

With more severe temperatures predicted in May, breweries are to come up with more production.

Not just rise in the temperature but also increase in the flow of visitors to the city post shifting of major administration contributed to the increased sale, say officials.