ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA opens new branch in the USA

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Since September 2016, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH, Ludwigsburg, has been operating from three sites in North and South America: Miami (Florida) in the USA, the Columbian capital of Bogota and now also San Diego (California) in the USA.

2016-09-21_14h14_51Ludwigsburg, September 15, 2016 – Ralph Schneller-Reindell will now be heading the USA, Canadian and Latin American sales regions from San Diego, in his capacity as Vice President Sales Americas. He will be supported by the Sales Director USA, Udo Funk, who will also be based in the USA, as well as by the native Columbian David Rueda, who has been boosting the sales of this tradition-rich company as Sales Manager Latin America from Bogota since earlier this year.

Since 1852, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has been providing artisan and large-scale breweries with custom-made solutions. The product range in the wort preparation field extends from malt intake and crushing mills, mash-in tanks, lauter tuns, mash filters, wort kettles and whirl pools to wort cooling. The cold block, including fermentation and storage tanks, pressure tanks, yeast tanks and the required CIP tanks, is also completely covered. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA furthermore engineers, implements and automates process and cleaning technology in both production areas, installs process piping and integrates the equipment required. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has globally renowned expertise regarding modernisation, capacity extension and turnkey delivery of breweries. Last but not least, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is the contact partner for artisan and large-scale breweries when it comes to research and development – for example when working out individual beer formulations.