India. Tasmac outlets selling liquor during non-working hours

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The Tasmac outlets in the city are selling liquor 24×7 by flouting the government prescribed working hours, the All India Youth Federation (AIYF) said in a petition submitted to the district administration on Tuesday.

The federation sought the administration’s intervention to ensure that the outlets are kept closed in non-working hours. It also sought action against Tasmac employees found flouting the rules.

According to the petition, though the Tamil Nadu government has put a rule that Tasmac outlets should function only between 12pm and 10pm, they actually function 24 hours.

“Though the government officials pull down the front shutter and seal it after 10pm, the employees sell liquor through the back door of the shop,” said AIYF member and advocate G P Sakthivel.

“Almost every Tasmac that has a back door sells liquor throughout the day,” he said. “Since they sell liquor against the rules, they also take small commission for the liquor sold during prohibited hours,” he said.

“Many daily wage labourers and coolies start lining up behind Tasmac outlets from 6am to 8pm, instead of going to work. They spend money instead of earning,” said Sakthivel.

“As a result, the family starves or loses access to healthcare or education,” he said. The AIYF recommended strong action against Tasmac employees who indulge in sales during prohibited hours and government officers who have not taken action despite knowledge of the operation.

The petition also said that many senior citizens have not received old-age pension as they do not have Aadhar cards.

“According to government rules, you do not get old-age assistance pension (OAP) without an Aadhar card and bank account, so many people without Aadhar cards have stopped receiving OAP,” the petition said.