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Russia: Positions of Brewing Companies

The review contains an analysis of interim performance of brewers in the first half of 2019. There are rather dynamic changes behind a modest industry growth. Baltika is again experiencing a stage of volumes and market share slid due to competition with AB InBev Efes. Because of the price competition and presence expansion in the modern trade company #2. has come close to the leading position. At the same time sales of Heineken Russia have continued growing which makes the premium part of the portfolio heavier. The market premiumization trend had been also confirmed by import brands. MBC and Zavod Trekhsosenskiy have been the most successful among federal market players. The market share of independent regional brewers and Ochakovo have continued falling as they are being squeezed out by the market leaders at their competitive fields.

Ukrainian beer market 2019: companies and brands

In 2019 beer production and market have been still fluctuating about zero point. However, the past season was successful for brewers judging by the sales profitability. The price mix has improved due to rapid general market premiumization, as well as its particular aspect, the growth of import beer sales. By the season end AB InBev Efes improved its positions considerably. It turned out that consumers had not forgot Efes brands that had to leave the market, but started to recover rapidly. Against the stagnating market that meant sales decline of other companies, in the first place Carlsberg Group that most of all beneficiated from Efes exiting the market. PPB turned out to be stable to branding activity of its competitor and Obolon kept the same volumes and at the moment it is the absolute leader of the economy segment. The share growth of independent producers took place thanks to leading craft breweries, that so far do not have a big market weight, but they are rapidly gaining it.

Brewing industry in Kazakhstan 2019

During the first half of 2019, the majority of Kazakh brewers made their contribution into positive dynamics. Yet it was companies of the lower division, not the two transnational leaders that raised their production and sales. The shares of draft beer and aluminum can which is rapidly squeezing glass bottle out of the market, have been growing. The price segmentation has remained stable despite the substantial rise of retail prices and fluctuations of brand market shares, while the borders between segments have become blurred. The main events in the industry have been: the announced revision of the beer excise policy, launch of BeerKhan brand in the strong beer segment, and most important – purchasing assets of Shymkentbeer by Arasan.

Beer Business #1-2018. Russian beer producers (catalogue/database)



“Catalogue of Russian Beer Producers 2018” includes 1070 businesses ranging from large subsidiaries of international companies to rather small restaurant and craft microbreweries.

The catalogue includes 32 large breweries, 75 regional breweries, 693 industrial mini- and microbreweries as well as 270 restaurant breweries.

This issue has 206 more breweries compared to our “census” of 2016 (73 business have been excluded and 279 have been included).

The catalogue does not cover contract breweries (capacity renters), private label owners, brewers’ commercial agencies, beer importers, and producers of beer from readymade beer base or wort concentrate.

The criteria for business inclusion into the catalogue:

  • The fact of beer TM registration in various official structures from January 2017 to March 2018.
  • Marketing and producing activity in beer category from January 2017 to March 2018. Messages and news at official sites and publics in social networks confirming the business’s activity were taken into consideration.
  • If a company’s activity could not be confirmed by the above-mentioned two ways, the fact of beer production was clarified by phone or via e-mail. Specifically, 394 businesses producing beer at the moment of catalogue preparation were contacted via phone or e-mail.

We included 74 producers that for various reasons were not in touch and could not confirm the fact of beer production since January 2017, but may still be operating.

Download demo version of Database of Russian Beer Producers 2018 in Excel

To get the full version of this database propose you to buy it ($100) or visit the subscription page.

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A, Ltd. (Author craft brewery Autograph)
Abakanskaya Pivovarennaya Kompaniya Iceberg, Ltd.
Abinskiy pivovar, Ltd.
Aderbeer, Ltd.
Admiral Kolchak, Ltd.
AF Brew, Ltd.
Agro-Invest, Ltd. (restaurant Bierhof, Bierbah)
Agrosnab, Ltd.
Akkom, Ltd. (Velka Morava)
AkvaBeer, Ltd.
Akvalogiya, Ltd. (Trigger Brewery)
Ale plus, Ltd. (Craft Ale)
Ale, Ltd.
Ale-Craft, Ltd. (Crazy Craft Beer Brewery&Pivnaya lavka)
Alehouse, Ltd. (Harvest brewery)
Ale-Pivo, Ltd.
Alians, Ltd. (Pivovarov)
Alioks, Ltd.
Alkhovski, restaurant
Alko-Profi, Ltd. (Dagomys craft brewery)
Almeria, Ltd. (restaurant Pintagon)
Alpha, Ltd. (restaurant Pivovar)
Alpha, Ltd. (subs. of restaurant Pivovar)
Alpiko, Ltd.
Alpina, Ltd.
Altay-Sib, Ltd.
Alyaska, Ltd. (bar Boatswain)
Amarant, Ltd. (Kosoukhoff)
Amur-Pivo, subsidiary of HUB, Ltd. (Heineken NV)
Amurskiy pivovar, Ltd. (Liter)
Andreevskie pivovarni, Ltd.
Anfas, Ltd.
Ant, Ltd.
Antonievskiy pivzavod, Ltd.
Apartments Servis, Ltd.
Aprel, Ltd. (restaurant Abbatskaya blagodat)
Apsheronskiy pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd. (previously Kubanskie mineralnye vody)
APZ № 1, Ltd.
Aqualand, Ltd. (previously Aquasib, Sibirskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya)
Arena-2000, Ltd. (restaurant)
Arta, Ltd. (restaurant Kellers)
Artel, Ltd.
Art-Galereya, Ltd. (restaurant Balagan-Siti)
ASB Group, Ltd.
AsBeer Adygeyskiy pivobezalkogolniy zavod, Ltd.
ASK, Ltd. (PineWood brewery)
Assorti Plus, Ltd. (brewery Ermolaev")
Astep, Ltd. (Flora brewery)
Astrakhanskaya set plavuchikh restaurantov, Ltd. (restaurant Poplavok)
Astrakhanskie napitki, Ltd. (Gellert)
Augustin, Ltd.
Augustin, Ltd. (restaurant)
Ausbeer, Ltd. (Heartly Craft Brewery)
Avstriyskoe pivo, Ltd.
Avtorskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (previously Malz&Hopfen brewery)
Avtorskie napitki Lebedevykh, Ltd.
Avtotransportnaya kompaniya, Ltd. (restaurant Na semi vetrakh)
Ayan, JSC


ads-rastalBafet, Ltd. (Connoisseur)
Balakhtinskoe pivo, Ltd.
Balakovskiy pivkombinat, JSC
Baltika Brewery, Ltd. (Baltika - St Petersburg brewery, Carlsberg Group)
Baltika-Khabarovsk brewery, subsidiary of Baltika Brewery, Ltd. (Carlsberg Group)
Baltika-Novosibirsk brewery, subsidiary of Baltika Brewery, Ltd. (Carlsberg Group)
Baltika-Samara brewery, subsidiary of Baltika Brewery, Ltd. (Carlsberg Group)
Bamberg, Ltd.
Bamberg, restaurant
Barbell Brewery, Ltd. (Selfmade brewery)
Bark, Ltd.
Barnaul brewery, JSC
Barrel, Ltd.
Bars-2 Torgoviy dom, Ltd. (restaurant Barskaya pivnitsa)
BAT, Ltd. (Kellers Gold)
Bauernkhof, Ltd.
Bavariya, Ltd. (Kalinkinskiy pivzavod)
Bavariya, Ltd. (restaurant Grad Petrov)
Bazis, Ltd. (Essen)
Becker, Ltd. (Pivo Derevenskoe)
Beer Bros Brewery, Ltd.
Beer Cafi, Ltd.
Beer Factory, Ltd. (Pivatorskoe)
Beer House, Ltd. (restaurant)
Beer Master, Ltd. (Private Brewery Khmel i solod)
Beer master, Ltd. (restaurant Goldene Gans)
Beerfass, Ltd. (bar Pitbul)
Beerhaus NN, Ltd. (restaurant brewery ABS)
BeerHoney, Ltd.
Beerhouse, Ltd. (restaurant Genghis Khan)
Beerkvelle, Ltd.
Beerline, Ltd.
BeerLiner, Ltd. (Karlov Pivovar)
Beerlove, Ltd. (Red button brewery)
Beeron, Ltd. (restaurant)
Beersol, Ltd.
Beertown, Ltd. (Blonder Beer, Pervaya Mikhaylovskaya Pivovarnya)
Beerwolf, Ltd.
Belaya gora, Ltd.
Belgian Best, Ltd. (Lagerale, restaurant of Belgian beer Keliya)
Belkabeer, Ltd. (brewery Bratchina)
Belkooptorg, Ltd.
Belorechenskiy pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd.
Benn, Ltd.
Benz, Ltd. (Abbatskoe)
Bereg Priamuriya, Ltd.
Berg, Ltd.
Berg, Ltd.
BestBeer, Ltd. (Black Cat Brewery)
Bety, Ltd. (restaurant)
Biber, Ltd. (First Jump Brewery)
Bilibinskiy product
Biver, Ltd. (restaurant Beaver)
Biyskiy Zavod Naturalnykh Napitkov, Ltd. (MiK Brewery)
Blonden Beer, Ltd. (restaurant Tri stupeni)
Blonder Beer Pivovarnya, Ltd.
Blonder Beer+, Ltd. (restaurant Pizza House Russo)
Bochkarevskiy pivzavod, Ltd.
Bogatoe, Ltd.
Bogemiya, Ltd. (restaurant)
Bogoslovskaya pivovarnya, Ltd.
Bolshoy master, Ltd. (Amadeus Brewery)
Borcraft, Ltd.
Borikhinskiy pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd.
Borisoglebskiy pivzavod, JSC
Borovichka, Ltd. (restaurant Zoltan)
Boyarin i Ko, Ltd. (Emmer)
Brauhaus Konigskrone, restaurant in PaintHouse
Brauhaus, Ltd. (restaurant)
Braumaster, Ltd. (restaurant BrauMeister)
Brewer, Ltd. (BEERzha)
Brewery Heineken Baykal, subsidiary of HUB, Ltd. (Heineken NV)
Breyveri Vostok, Ltd. (restaurant Soleniy pes)
Brigantina, Ltd.
Bright Craft, Ltd.
Broadway, Ltd.
Brovar, family brewery
Brovar, Ltd.
Brovarnya, restaurant
Bryanskiy pivovar, Ltd. (restaurant Augustin)
Bryanskpivo, JSC
BS-Group, Ltd.
Buffalo, Ltd. (restaurant)
Buket Chuvashii, JSC
Bulgarpivo, JSC
Burevestnik, Ltd. (restaurant Course)
Buryatkhlebprom, JSC
Business Audit, Ltd. (brewery Strazhek)
Busov i Co, Ltd.
Buzulukskiy pivovar, Ltd.


Central, Ltd. (GC Coctail-Club)
Chastnaya brewery Shvartskayzer, Ltd. (Schwarz Kaiser Brewery)
Chastnaya pivovarnya Afanasiy, Ltd. (Brau Service)
Chastnaya pivovarnya Altsteiner, Ltd.
Chastnaya Pivovarnya Bach and Dach, Ltd. (Butch&Dutch)
Chastnaya pivovarnya Bierein, Ltd.
Chastnaya pivovarnya Blamberg, Ltd.
Chastnaya Pivovarnya Craft House, Ltd.
Chastnaya Pivovarnya Davydov, Ltd.
Chastnaya pivovarnya Dubinin, Ltd. (restaurant)
Chastnaya pivovarnya Dukk, Ltd.
Chastnaya pivovarnya Gordons, Ltd.
Chastnaya pivovarnya Korolevskiy khmel, Ltd. (Nightingale Brewery)
Chastnaya pivovarnya LiS, Ltd.
Chastnaya pivovarnya Medved, Ltd.
Chastnaya pivovarnya Nashi traditsii, Ltd. (Schlossberg)
Chastnaya Pivovarnya Nikolaya Kopytova, Ltd.
Chastnaya pivovarnya Petrovich, Ltd. (restaurants)
Chastnaya pivovarnya Ravencraft, Ltd. (Wildschweiner)
Chastnaya pivovarnya Skiper, Ltd.
Chastnaya pivovarnya Spiridonova, Ltd. (restaurant)
Chastnaya pivovarnya Tikhaya gavan, Ltd.
Chastnaya Pivovarnya Vladimirskaya, Ltd.
Chastnaya pivovarnya, Ltd.
Chastnaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (Blonder Beer)
Chastnaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (Craft Beer Master, Lobanov Brewery)
Chastnaya Pivovarnya, Ltd. (restaurant Johann Pivohan)
Chastnaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (Zastolnoe)
Cherepanovskie napitki, Ltd. (Cherepanovskoe pivo)
Cheshka craft, Ltd. (restaurant)
Cheshskaya pivovarnya, Ltd.
Cheshskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (restaurant Spacek)
Cheshskiy dvorik, Ltd.
Cheshskiy Pivovar, Ltd.
Cheshskiy pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd. (Zlata Podkova)
Cheshskiy pivzavod Dobre pivo, Ltd.
Cheshskoe pivo, Ltd. (Cheshskoe pivo Plus, Ltd.; restaurant)
Chirz Beer, Ltd. (сraft-сafe Sheers)
Chitinskie Klyuchi, JCSC
Chuchkovo solod, Ltd.
Citadel, Ltd. (Stronghold Brewery)
Colorit, Ltd.
Companion, Ltd. (Sonya Krivaya)
Concept, Ltd. (Chillin'z, Radhof)
Cook and Staff, Ltd. (restaurant Pani Fazani)
Corporatsiya Grinn, AO (subs., restaurant of TC)
Course, Ltd. (BeerZelis)
Course, Ltd. (subs. of Union Beer)
Craft Beer, Ltd. (Beer`lin)
Craft Beer, Ltd. (Liberty Brewery)
Craft Brewery, Ltd.
Craft, Ltd.
Craft, Ltd. (Craft brewery GreenHops)
Craft, Ltd. (GreenHops)
Craft, Ltd. (restaurant Gradets)
Craft, Ltd. (restaurants Republic)
CraftBeer Kemerovo, Ltd. (Beerra Incognita craft brewery)
CraftBeer Kemerovo, Ltd. (Birra Incognita)
CraftBeer, Ltd. (Stamm beer)
Craft-MPM, Ltd. (Maltsberg)
Craftovaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Craftovaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (Bogemia)
CraftPivo, Ltd.
Crazy Brew, Ltd.
CY Griboedova Hotel Leasing, Ltd. (restaurant Bierstube)

Bilek Filtry


Dalpivo, JSC
Dames, Ltd.
Damian, Ltd.
Danilovskaya pivovarnya LTD, Ltd.
Dans, Ltd. (Europe-Club, restoran)
Daria TreydLogistik, Ltd. (brewing company Pride)
Dariya, Ltd.
Decaliter, Ltd. (Pub 68 Pauza)
Ded s veslom, Ltd. (Ded And Paddle)
Deka, JSC
Deka, Ltd. (craft brewery Flagman)
Delo, Ltd. (restaurant Papasha Gans)
Delta Plus, Ltd. (Royal Omar)
Delta, Ltd. (subs. of Vasileostrovskaya brewery)
Dened, Ltd.
Derbi, Ltd. (restaurant Chester Pub)
DGB, Ltd. (Private Brewery of Aleksandr Antonov, restaurant Biergarten)
DiArt plus, Ltd. (restaurant Gerkules)
DigZIV-BL, Ltd.
Dikiy Khmel, Ltd.
Dinskoy pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd. (Alex-Trade)
Dionis, Ltd.
Dionis, Ltd.
Dmitrovskiy PBK, Ltd.
Dobriy Ale, Ltd. (restaurants American Pizza)
Dobriy Khmel, Ltd. (Saldens)
Dobrovar, Ltd.
Dobrye traditsii, Ltd. (Lewenbier)
Doker draft, Ltd.
Dolce Vita Group (restaurant Maximilian’s Naberezhnye Chelny)
Domashniy+, Ltd. (Happy Brew)
Domashnyaya pivovarnya, Ltd.
Domashnyaya pivovarnya, Ltd.
Donau, Ltd. (restaurant Staroe Mesto)
Dorado, Ltd.
Double Dark, Ltd.
DSS, Ltd. (Prague brewery)
DV Pivovar, Ltd.
Dvenadtsat, Ltd. (Zwölf brewery, 12 foots)
Dvinskoe proizvodstvo, Ltd.
Dzerzhinka, Ltd. (restaurant Max Brau)
Dzerzhinskiy pivzavod, Ltd.


Ecobeer, Ltd.
EcoCub, Ltd. (Solt-Beer)
Edelbeer, Ltd.
Eger, Ltd.
Ekipazh, Ltd. (Krause Beer)
Elefant, Ltd.
Eletskaya Pivovarennaya Kompaniya, Ltd.
Eletskoe pivo, Ltd.
Elf, Ltd. (Green Light Brewery)
Elit Stroy, Ltd. (billiard club Duplet, Private Brewery Andreevskaya)
Elita, Ltd. (brewery Gessen)
ElitTorg, Ltd. (restaurant Fain Feld)
Elpi, PK, Ltd.
Emmer, Ltd.
Energetik, Ltd. (Solbirs brewery)
Epoha, Ltd.
Ertuhanov, Ltd. (Blonder Beer)
Essentukskiy pivzavod, Ltd. (Rospivo, Ltd.)
Etalon-Produkt, Ltd. (Jaws Beer)
Evrotorg, Ltd. (ZaltsBeer)
Eyfel manarasy, Ltd. (restaurant Gute Elefant)


FAPK Yakutiya, JSC
Farmarost, Ltd. (restaurant Bratchina)
Favorit, Ltd.
Fedoroff, Ltd.
Fehu, Ltd. (Eliseeff)
Feniks, Ltd. (restaurant Cheshskiy lev)
Fenix-APK, Ltd. (restaurant Hans)
Firma Minax, Ltd. (Garnts)
Forfas, Ltd. (restaurant Shchelkunchik, Goffmann)
Fortuna, Ltd. (restaurant Puberty)
Frau Marta, Ltd. (restaurant)
Fregat, Ltd. (Khmelburg)
Fudlayn 2, Ltd. (restaurant Frau Muller)
Fun Craft, Ltd.
Fаmily Brewery, Ltd. (Pivnoy prichal)


Gabriela, Ltd. (restaurant Bavarskiy dvor)
Galaktika, Ltd.
Gambrinus, JSC
Gambrinus, Ltd.
Gambrinus, Ltd.
Gambrinus, PKF, Ltd.
Ganza, Ltd. (Private Brewery Hans)
Ganzeyskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (restaurants Hanse Bier)
GC Pivovarenniy Dom Bavariya, Ltd. (Agrofirm FAT)
Gelidor, Ltd.
Gelios, JCSC (Bratskiy pivovarenniy zavod)
Gelios, Ltd. (pub Hobbit Hall)
Geofizik, Ltd. (restaurant)
Germes-Alpha, Ltd. (restaurant Tihiy Don)
Gersakh, Ltd. (restaurant Penguin)
Glavrozpivo, Ltd. (restaurants Tolstiy Fraer)
Glaysbeer, Ltd. (Glaisbeer)
Gletcher, Ltd. (SVAM Group)
Global brewing systems, Ltd. (Joker, BeerMoscow)
Global group, Ltd. (Pivovarenniy zavod Slavyanskiy)
Global Siberia, Ltd. (restaurant Biergarten)
GlobalBrew, Ltd. (Brew Division)
Gofman, Ltd. (Orenburgskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, JCSC)
Gold Prodzhekt, Ltd. (brewery 202)
Golden Adler, Ltd. (cafe-brewery Golden Adler)
Goldenburg, Ltd.
Gorpishchekombinat Serdobskiy, Ltd.
Gostilov, Ltd.
GOSTinets, Ltd.
Gostinitsa Pulkovskaya, Ltd. (Paulaner Brauhaus)
Gostivar, Ltd.
GPK, Ltd. (restaurant Naturlich)
Greytbeer, Ltd. (Private Brewery Bastion)
Grinn Beer, restaurant
Griva, Ltd. (Zhivoy kvas)
Grossmeister, Ltd.
Grumikon, Ltd. (Custom Brewery)
Gubakhinskaya Pivovarnya, Ltd.
Gurevskaya Proizvodstvennaya Kompaniya, Ltd.
Gus-Khrustalniy, PBZ, Ltd.
Gustav-Gustav, Ltd. (restaurant)


Happy Taksa, Ltd.
Hartia, Ltd.
Hartman, Ltd. (bar)
Heineken Brewery Siberia, subsidiary of HUB, Ltd. (Heineken NV)
Heineken United Breweries, Ltd. (Heineken NV)
Holz, Ltd.
Hopfen, Ltd.
Hopgun, Ltd. (Seven Hills Brewing Co.)
Hops Farm Brewery, Ltd.
Hotel-N Capital, Ltd. (restaurant Paulaner Munchen)


ID Brewery, Ltd. (ProdLend, Pivnoy zavod Angara)
Image Food, Ltd. (restaurant PivoFactory)
Imperia, Ltd. (Iseberg, restaurant in Zima)
Imperial Barrel, Ltd. (Imperial Barrel)
Imperiya Igr, Ltd. (restaurant Brudershaft in Megapolice)
Impuls, Ltd. (restaurant Vienne Lion)
InfoSystem KM, Ltd.
Ipatovskiy pivzavod, Ltd.
Ishimskaya Pivovarennaya Kompaniya, Ltd.
Ivanovskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (GC Riat)
Izhevsk-Hotel, Ltd. (restaurant Brauplatz)
Izluchinskaya pivovarnya, Ltd.


Kabanero, Ltd.
Kalashnikovskie pivovarni, Ltd.
Kaliningradskoe pivo, Ltd. (Altshtadt)
Kaluga subsidiary of Moscow Efes Brewery, JCSC (AB InBev Efes)
Kambuz, Ltd. (restaurant Mad Max)
Kamchatskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd. (Geyzer Hotel)
Kamchatskiy Pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd.
Kamchatskoe pivo, JSC
Kamenskiy pivovzavod, Ltd.
Kamensk-Uralskaya pivovarnya, Ltd.
Kamyshinpishcheprom, JSC
Kanzi, Ltd. (Bjarmia Nordic Brewery)
KAP, Ltd. (Kolymskaya brewery)
KAP, Ltd. (Pivovarennye traditsii, Ltd., restaurant Pivovarnya kuptsa Alafuzova)
Kapital, Ltd. (restaurant Hans)
Karachaevpivo-Yager, Ltd.
Karachaevskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Karachaevskiy pivzavod, JCSC
Karat, Ltd.
KartAle, Ltd. (Craft brewery Barinoff, restaurant Mc highlander)
Katukov i Syn, Ltd. (Alaska brewery)
Kazan subsidiary of Moscow Efes Brewery, JCSC (AB InBev Efes)
Kega, Ltd. (Private Brewery in Borinskoe village)
Keks, Ltd. (restaurant 1516)
Kellers, Ltd. (restaurant of EC Fabrica)
Khadyzhenskpishcheprom, Ltd.
Khakasinvestugol, Ltd. (Dobrovar)
Khalvichniy zavod Nalchikskiy, JSC
Khaninskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (Mega-T)
Kharizma+, Ltd. (restaurant Cheshskiy dvorik, Exclusive, Ltd.)
Khmel i solod, Ltd. (Barzha, restaurant)
Khmel i Solod, Ltd. (Gegenwart)
Khmel, Ltd.
Khmelnik, Ltd.
Khmelnik, Ltd. (beer bar Tommy)
Khmelnoe Podvore, Ltd. (restaurant)
Khmelnoy Dvorik, Ltd. (Brewery 96)
Khorn, Ltd.
Khoroshaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Khorvatskaya pivnitsa, Ltd.
Khotey, Ltd.
Khozyain", Ltd. (Apikom, Ltd.)
Khrushchev, Ltd.
Khvalyn, Ltd. (restaurant)
K-Invest, Ltd. (Pivzavod77)
Kinza, Ltd. (Shashlychnaya №1)
Kirovskoe pivo, Ltd. (Blad Baher)
Klass-Manager-Ufa, Ltd. (restaurant Brauhaus in Ogni Ufa)
Klass-V, Ltd.
KM-Plus, Ltd. (restaurant Caspary Brau)
KMV-Ketering, Ltd. (restaurant Munich)
Kneipe, Ltd. (Bravia Beer, restaurant in Mirazh)
Kneipp, restaurant
Knyazhiy dvor, Ltd. (restaurant)
Kolorit, Ltd. (beer restaurant Doker-Pub)
Kolos, JSC
Kombinat razlivnykh napitkov Volzhskie zori, Ltd.
Konditerskiy dom Chernyshevoy, Ltd. (restaurant Munhell)
Koniks, Ltd. (Konix Brewery)
Kontsern bonus, Ltd. (restaurant Krumlov)
Kopeysk-pivo, JSC
Koron, Ltd. (Brew Ale)
Korporatsiya Green, JCSC (restaurant)
Kors, Ltd.
Kors, Ltd. (Borovskoe pivo)
Korzinka 6, Ltd. (restaurant Khmel Hause)
Kostromskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Kosulinskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (SVG)
Kotlaspivo, Ltd. (Union Beer, private brewery Medved)
Kotlin, Ltd.
Kozerog, Ltd. (restaurant Kozerog)
Krasniy pivovar, Ltd. (Knightberg, Premium breweries of Petersburg)
Krasnogorskoe, Ltd.
Krastorg, Ltd. (Loco brewery)
Kraysberg, Ltd.
Kredo, Ltd.
Krepost, Ltd. (restaurant Bashnya)
Krepost, Ltd. (Vaer)
Krister, Ltd.
Krivich, Ltd.
Krop-pivo, Ltd.
Krotovskoe pivo, Ltd.
Krylya, Ltd. (Flugel)
KS-Tekhservis, Ltd.
Kubaba, Ltd. (Gostivar, Ltd.)
Kubok-KS, Ltd. (Vansdorf)
Kupazh, Ltd. (Kuneevskoe)
Kupets" i Ko, JCSC
Kupets, Ltd. (Pivovar Kulik)
Kupidon, Ltd. (Bezenchukskiy pivovar)
Kurganskie napitki, Ltd.
Kurort Belokurikha, AO (restaurant Michelle)
Kurskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd. (Cheshskiy Lev)
Kvarta, Ltd. (Brewlok craft brewery)
Kvartal, Ltd. (bar Vesla)


Labirint-Brew, Ltd.
Laboratoriya zhivogo piva, Ltd.
Lagerdorf, Ltd.
Lambiс, Ltd. (Beer Head, Chernogolovskiy pivovarenniy zavod)
Landau Beerlab, Ltd.
Layner, Ltd. (brewery - KMV)
Ldinka, Ltd.
LenPivDom, Ltd.
Lentorg, Ltd. (restaurant Jagger)
Leon, Ltd. (Private Brewery Piterland, Ltd.)
Lesnoe, Ltd. (restaurant Domik lesnika, Varlets)
Lesosibirskaya teplitsa, Ltd. (restaurant Bekker)
Lider Rizhskiy, Ltd. (restaurant Bierhoff)
Lipetskpivo, Ltd.
Lisale, Ltd.
Lomonosovskaya Pivovarnya, Ltd. (SPBrew)
Luda, Ltd. (restaurant Krona)
Lux, Ltd.
LVZ Osha, Ltd.
Lyapimurto, Ltd.
Lyubets, Ltd. (Starodub")
Lyubinskiy zavod piva i konditerskikh izdeliy, Ltd.
Lyunes brauhouse, Ltd.


Mac'Invest, Ltd. (restaurant Maximilian Hall)
Mad Crew Brewery, Ltd.
Magazin Privokzalniy, Ltd. (Bahus)
Magna, Ltd. (Golden Hans)
Makhachkalinskiy pivzavod Port-Petrovsk, Ltd.
Maks Braueri Ural, Ltd. (Maximilians Brauerei)
Maloyaroslavetskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Manchester, Ltd. (Manchester Pub)
Manufaktura Old Grange, Ltd.
Martin, Ltd.
Materik, Ltd. (Rodniki Urala, Ltd., Ramsdorf)
Maximilian’s Samara, restaurant
Maximilian’s Ufa, restaurant
Maximilian's-Kazan, Ltd.
Maximum, Ltd. (restaurant Maximilian Brauhaus)
Maximus, Ltd. (restaurant)
MAY kholding, Ltd. (Myunikh)
Maykopskiy pivovarenniy zavod Konkord, Ltd. (Rospivo, Ltd.)
Maykopskoe pivo, Ltd.
MazurKraftBeer, Ltd.
Mednogorskiy pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd.
Medovarus, Ltd.
Megaservis, Ltd.
MELS, Ltd. (Monkfish Brewery)
Merkuriy, Ltd. (restaurant Pivzavod)
Mestniy pivovar, Ltd. (Josef Groll)
Metma-ST, Ltd. (Zalesskaya Pinka)
Metropol, JSC (restaurant Brasserie de Metropole)
Miller Grad, Ltd. (restaurant)
Milya, Ltd. (Private Brewery Praga)
Minusinskiy pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd.
Mir Piva, Ltd. (Amurskiy tigr)
Mirazh, Ltd. (restaurant Pivovar in Mirazh hotel)
Mister Brewer, Ltd. (brewery Mr. Brewer)
Mister Gus, Ltd. (Brewgoose)
Moloko, JCSC (in the reorganization)
Molt, Ltd. (BeerFest, restaurants)
Molt, Ltd. (Pivovarnya Odna Tonna)
Monarh, Ltd. (pub-store Drova)
Monplezir, Ltd.
Monumental Craft, Ltd. (Alibi Brewery)
Moraviya, Ltd. (restaurant)
Moscow Brewing Company, JCSC
Mozart, Ltd.
Mozhayskaya Pivovarennaya Kompaniya, Ltd.
MPK Group, Ltd. (1 Domashnyaya pivovarnya)
MPZ, Ltd.
MPZ, Ltd. (Sto Pudov)
Mr. Kolpin, restaurant Karl Schwabe
Murmanskpivo, Ltd. (previously Kolskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya Arktika)
Myunkhen, Ltd. (restaurant)
Myunkhen, restaurant


Na zdorovie, Ltd.
Nabeerezhnaya, restaurant (River Brew)
Nadezhda, Ltd. (Rodnik, Elisey)
Nadezhdinskaya Proizvodstvennaya Kompaniya, Ltd.
Napitki, Ltd. (Bierbauh)
Naryanmarservice, Ltd. (restaurant Timan; Omegainter, Ltd.)
Nashmag, Ltd. (kafe Avtograf)
Naturalniy produkt, Ltd. (Bereznyakovskaya chestnaya pivovarnya)
Nayda V.G., Ltd. (restaurant Yamskaya Private Brewery)
Neftekamskaya Pivovarennaya Kompaniya, Ltd. (Neftekamsk brewery Blonder Beer)
Neftekumskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Nektar, Ltd. (Verzauberg)
Nelzhinskaya pivovarnya, Ltd.
Nesselbek plus, Ltd. (restaurant)
Nester, Ltd.
Neuro Plus, Ltd. (Akvalpi)
New Riga's Brewery, Ltd.
Niva, Ltd. (Chestnye pivovarni)
Nizhneudinskiy PBK, Ltd. (subs. of Admiral Kolchak)
Nordburg, Ltd.
Norilskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Novaya pivovarnya, Ltd.
Novomariinskiy TPK, Ltd. (brewery Salm)
Novosibirsk subsidiary of Moscow Efes Brewery, JCSC (AB InBev Efes)
Novosibirskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Novy Put, Ltd. (restaurant Guranych)
Noykuren, Ltd. (restaurant Kenigbrau)
NP FK Metallurg, Ltd. (Ostrovica Brewery)
NPK-Region, Ltd. (Bellux)
NPP Ekologicheskie napitki, Ltd. (Well Beer)


O313, Ltd. (Safrat&Bordos Brewery)
Oasis, Ltd. (N`stein brewery)
Ob"edinennye chastnye pivovarni, Ltd.
ObshchePiv, Ltd.
Ochakovo MPBK, JCSC
Ochakovo, subsidiary of MPBK, JCSC
Ochakovo, subsidiary of MPBK, JCSC
Ochakovo, subsidiary of MPBK, JCSC
Odissey, Ltd.
OFS Pivovarnya, Ltd. (restaurant Pettsold)
Omega, Ltd.
Omega-Ural, Ltd. (restaurant BeerBerry)
OMK, Ltd. (Pivovaroff)
Orbita plus, Ltd.
Orion, Ltd. (Artisan Local Microbrewery)
Orion, Ltd. (Brewery-bar Motor, Bakunin)
Orlinskiy pivzavod, Ltd.
Orlov Beer House, Ltd. (Pivnoy Dvor)
Orlovskaya niva, Ltd. (restaurant Mr. Yager)
Osinskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Osiris brew, Ltd.
Osnova, Ltd. (Rog Izobiliya)
OSP-Strategiya, Ltd. (pub Pinta)
Otkrytie, Ltd. (restourants Chestnaya Pivovarnya S.V.D., Taverna Flinta)
Otradnenskiy pivzavod, Ltd.
Otradnoe, Ltd. (Cafe&Bar Pella)


Pallada, Ltd. (restaurant BlackwooD)
Paluba, Ltd. (hotel restaurant)
Panda, Ltd. (restaurant Beermania)
Papa Goose, Ltd.
PartizanskPivo, Ltd.
Partner Region Servis Virazh, Ltd.
Partner, Ltd.
Patra, subsidiary of HUB, Ltd. (Heineken NV)
Paulaner Brauhaus Moscow Paveletsky, restaurant
Paulaner, restaurant
PB, Ltd. (Deviz)
Pegas, Ltd.
Pens, Ltd. (restaurant Moscow)
Pepi, Ltd. (Hausmann Brewery)
Perevles, Ltd.
Perla, Ltd.
Pervaya Kirishskaya Pivovarnya, Ltd. (subs. of Union Beer)
Pervaya Yuzhnouralskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Petr Petrovich, Ltd.
PetroBeer LTD, Ltd.
Petrova-Bern, Ltd. (restaurant Chayniy dom po-vostochnomu)
Pikem, Ltd.
Pilsar, Ltd. (Aramilsk brewery ERSh)
Pino, JCSC
Pinta, Ltd.
Pinta, Ltd. (restaurant)
Piramida Plus, Ltd. (pub Royal)
Piratskaya pivovarnya YoHoHo, Ltd.
Pirna, Ltd.
Pishchevoy combinat UsAgro, Ltd.
Pitanie i servis-Kaliningrad, Ltd. (restaurant Kropotkin")
Pitkoff, Ltd.
Piv Co72, Ltd.
Piv Trest, Ltd. (GRK Kazachiy stan)
Pivmax, Ltd.
Pivnaya assambleya, restaurant in Imperial Park Hotel&SPA
Pivnaya Chetvert, Ltd.
Pivnaya Chetvert, Ltd.
Pivnaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Pivnaya Kompaniya, Ltd. (bar Francis)
Pivnaya masterskaya, Ltd.
Pivnitsa, Ltd.
PivNov, Ltd. (restaurant Pivnaya bochka)
Pivnoy dom Ulm, Ltd. (restaurant Brezel Brauhaus)
Pivnoy dom, Ltd. (Private Brewery Mayer)
Pivnoy Dom, Ltd. (restaurant of GRK Zamok)
Pivnoy standart, Ltd.
Pivnoy-Club, Ltd.
Pivnye traditsii Voronezh, Ltd.
Pivo Magnitka, Ltd. (restaurant Dzhaga-Dzhaga, brewery Hagel)
Pivo P, Ltd. (XP Brew, ex. Pi)
Pivo, Ltd.
Pivo-bezalkogolniy kombinat Shulginskiy, Ltd.
Pivo-Medovarenniy zavod Ernsta Kleyna, Ltd. (previously Rzhevpivo, JSC)
Pivomedovarenniy zavod Voytenko, Ltd.
Pivovar Rogozets, Ltd. (James Shark Pub)
Pivovar Shulz, Ltd.
Pivovar, Ltd.
Pivovar, Ltd.
Pivovar, Ltd.
Pivovar, Ltd.
Pivovar, Ltd. (craft-bar Veseliy kaban)
Pivovar, Ltd. (Georgievskaya brewery)
Pivovar, Ltd. (Pereyaslovskaya pivovarnya)
Pivovar, Ltd. (restaurant Rossinsky)
Pivovar, Ltd. (restaurant Svoi da nashi)
Pivovar, Ltd. (restaurant U Shveyka)
Pivovar, Ltd. (restaurant Vltava)
Pivovar, Ltd. (restaurant Woldemar)
Pivovar, Ltd. (restaurants De Bassus)
Pivovar+, Ltd.
Pivovarennaya kompaniya 4 Angela, Ltd.
Pivovarennaya kompaniya Craft Ale, Ltd. (brewery Shishkin)
Pivovarennaya kompaniya Krasnaya Zvezda, Ltd. (True-Winner Brewery)
Pivovarennaya kompaniya Nashe pivo, Ltd.
Pivovarennaya kompaniya Ninkasi, Ltd. (Berkovets)
Pivovarennaya kompaniya Ponart, Ltd.
Pivovarennaya Kompaniya Shilde, Ltd. (Brewery Shilde Orel)
Pivovarennaya kompaniya Sibir, Ltd.
Pivovarennaya kompaniya Sibir, Ltd.
Pivovarennaya kompaniya Utes, Ltd.
Pivovarennaya kompaniya Volgogradskaya, Ltd.
Pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd. (Beermoley)
Pivovarenniy Dom Burzhuy , Ltd.
Pivovarenniy Dom Samara, Ltd. (retail network Ostap)
Pivovarenniy zavod Khadyzhenskiy, Ltd.
Pivovarenniy zavod Morshanskiy, JSC
Pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd. (Chepetskoe)
Pivovarnya #5, Ltd. (restaurant Bladbacher)
Pivovarnya 903, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Akademiya Piva, Ltd. (restaurant)
Pivovarnya Amber, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Beerhop, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Bravarius, Ltd. (restaurant U Pushkina)
Pivovarnya Britannika, Ltd. (pub Britannika)
Pivovarnya Dianov, Ltd. (restaurant)
Pivovarnya Filits, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Gosteva, Ltd. (Khod konem)
Pivovarnya Hans, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Hansen, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Heinrich, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Kellers, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Kleofasa Erdmana, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Kozhevnikovo, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Krauzen, Ltd.
Pivovarnya kuptsa Andreeva, Ltd.
Pivovarnya kuptsa Lapina, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Meliot, Ltd. (hotel restaurant)
Pivovarnya Myunkhel, Ltd.
Pivovarnya na Shabolovke, Ltd.
Pivovarnya NAGIEFF saBEER, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Nord-West, Ltd.
Pivovarnya №21, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Okolitsa, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Piligrim, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Pivnye traditsii, Ltd. (restaurant SOHO)
Pivovarnya Plan B, Ltd. (Plan B brewery)
Pivovarnya pomeshchika S.I. Troekurova, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Praga-9, Ltd. (restaurant Praga 9)
Pivovarnya Randevu, Ltd. (restaurant)
Pivovarnya Shpachek, Ltd. (Zolotoy uley)
Pivovarnya starinnykh eley, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Telman, Ltd. (Telmann brewery)
Pivovarnya u Lorisa, Ltd. (restaurant)
Pivovarnya Vega, Ltd. (Pervaya Russkaya Pivovarnya)
Pivovarnya Viktoriya, Ltd. (restaurant Beerhof)
Pivovarnya Vitaliya Boltinova, Ltd. (Boltinger)
Pivovarnya Yager-AS, Ltd.
Pivovarnya Yana Grimusa, restaurant in Planeta
Pivovarnya Zapolyarya, Ltd.
Pivovarnya, Ltd.
Pivovarnya, Ltd. (DalPivKo, Fabrika Piva)
Pivovarnya, Ltd. (Karlov pivovar)
Pivovarnya, Ltd. (restaurant Khmel)
Piv-Var, Ltd.
Pivzavod Irbis, Ltd. (restaurant)
Pivzavod Lyskovskiy, JCSC
Pivzavod Marksovskiy, Ltd.
Pivzavod Maykopskiy, Ltd.
Pivzavod Novolipetskiy, Ltd.
Pivzavod Orskiy, Ltd.
Pivzavod Samko, Ltd.
Pivzavod Syktyvkarskiy, JSC
Pivzavod VikBeer, Ltd.
Pivzavod Zakamenskiy, Ltd.
Pivzavod, Ltd.
Pivzavod, Ltd. (restaurant Tri olenya)
PK Beervana, Ltd. (Taganrogskaya pivovarnya Taganiy Rog)
PK Feniks Beer, Ltd.
PK Impuls, Ltd. (previously PivKo)
PK Khlebnash, Ltd. (restaurant Bier Meister)
PK Pivo Zamoskvoretskoe, Ltd. (previously BC Vagant)
PKV, Ltd.
Plyesskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (restaurant brewery Plyesskiy Pivnoy Dom, GC Riat)
Plzenskoe pivo, Ltd. (restaurant Czech brewery)
Podgornenskiy pivzavod, Ltd.
Podsosnovskiy Pivovarenniy Zavod, Ltd. (APK Shnaydera F.F.)
Podval, restaurant in Tobol
Pokrovskiy pivovoz, Ltd.
Polevskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (Polevskaya Varnya)
Polyarniy Volk, Ltd.
Ponomarevskiy Pivovar, Ltd.
Postoyaliy Dvor Rus, Ltd. (restaurant)
Praga, Ltd. (restaurant Stare Mesto)
Pragis, Ltd. (restaurant Zolotaya praga)
Pragmatic, Ltd. (restaurant-brewery Gusi)
Pragold, Ltd.
Pravilnye Napitki, Ltd. (Orskiy Sladek)
Praym, Ltd. (restaurant Birliman)
Prazdnik piva, Ltd. (brewery BeerFest)
Prazhskiy dvorik, restaurant
Premium Pivovarni Krasnoyarya, Ltd. (Krasberg Brewery, Red Mountain Brewery)
Premium pivovarnya Imperial, Ltd.
Priazovskaya Bavariya, JCSC
Primorskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd. (Khmel I Solod)
Privolzhskaya pivovarnya, Ltd.
Produktservis, Ltd. (restaurant Elabuga)
Progress, Ltd.
Progress-M, Ltd. (restaurant Pivnoy zavod)
Proizvodstvennaya kompaniya Sibatom, Ltd.
Proizvodstvennaya kompaniya, Ltd. (Pivzavod Khvoyninskiy)
Proizvodstvennaya transportnaya kompaniya, Ltd. (Pan Kapiton)
Proizvodstvenniy kombinat #1, Ltd. (Pivnoy Dom Kharbin)
Proizvodstvennoe obiedinenie Zhiguli, Ltd.
Proizvodstvenno-kommercheskiy Alians, Ltd. (KEAT)
Proizvodstvo №1, Ltd. (Craft U Brewery)
Prometey, Ltd. (Private Brewery Khmel)
Promolyudi, Ltd. (Victory Art Brew)
Prospekt, Ltd. (restaurant Mark & Zdenek)
Provintsiya, Ltd. (restaurant 12 shillings)
PSZh-II, (restaurant U Shveyka)
PTF Vizavyu, Ltd. (restaurant Khmel)
Ptitsefabrika Berdskaya, Ltd. (Glukauf brewery)
PTK, Ltd. (Bierbach)
Pub Liverpool, Real McCoy brewery
Pulsar Plus, Ltd. (Private Brewery Sengiley)
PVK, Ltd. (Nur Beer)
Pyatigorskiy pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd.
PZ Ryugen, Ltd.
PZS, Ltd. (pub Beerhouse)


Rasskazovskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (Bagens Brewery)
Rassvet, Ltd. (Proletarskiy)
Rast, Ltd.
Raush Bier, Ltd.
Raypishchekombinat Korenovskiy, JCSC
Real, Ltd.
Recon, Ltd. (restaurant Grut, Pivnoy dom Inter)
Redyuit-servis, Ltd. (restaurant)
Regata restaurant
Region 93, Ltd.
Region Konditer, Ltd. (Pater)
Region pivo, Ltd. (Family Brewery Cristal)
Rekord, KFH
Republic, Ltd.
Respekt, Ltd. (S.A.W. Brewery)
Rest Development, Ltd. (restaurant Pivnaya #1)
Restaurant i Pivovarnya, Ltd. (restaurant PolMedvedya)
Restaurants, Ltd. (Complex of Krasnoyarsk restaurant, Roteberg)
Right, Ltd.
Rioni, Ltd.
Riter, Ltd. (Ritterburg)
Rkoff Beer, Ltd.
R-Kvas, Ltd. (Rybinsk brewery)
Rodnichok, Ltd. (Cardinal)
Rodnik, JSC (restaurant Khmelnaya zastava)
Rodnik, Ltd.
Rodnik, Ltd.
Romanovskiy produkt, JCSC
Rossiyskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya im. A.G. Arzimanova, Ltd.
Rossoshanskaya chastnaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (Ross Beer Brewery)
Ruchey, Ltd.
Ruspub, Ltd. (restaurants Stargorod)
Ruspub, Ltd. (restaurants Stargorod)
Russkaya okhota, Ltd. (restaurant of VID, GC)
Russkaya pivovarennaya kompaniya Khmeleff, JSC
Russkie traditsii, Ltd.
Russkiy craft, Ltd. (Zavod brewery)
Russkiy product, Ltd. (Melody Brew)
Ruzskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.


S.A.K.S., Ltd. (restaurant Gloster)
Salavatskaya Pivovarennaya Kompaniya, Ltd. (restaurant brewery Drake)
Samara State Technical University, FGBOU
Samo-Var, Ltd.
Sanglaz, Ltd.
Saopin, Ltd. (Pivzavod Surgutskiy)
Sarapulskiy drozhzhepivzavod, JCSC
SarHan, Ltd. (Beer Han)
Saturn, Ltd. (Beermanbru)
Sava, Ltd. (store&brewery Burger)
Scher Hof, Ltd. (restaurant)
Schit, Ltd. (Derzhava, Pivovar Izgar)
Sehr Gut, Ltd. (restaurant)
Sem' Bochek, Ltd.
Semeynoe delo, Ltd. (Endemic Mountain Brewery)
Serebryaniy shar plus, Ltd. (restaurant Pivnoy Dvorik of EC Serebryaniy shar)
Severnaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Severnaya Pivovarnya, Ltd.
Severnaya Zvezda, JCSC (Korsakovskiy)
Severnaya, Ltd. (restaurant in hotel)
Severnoe pivo, Ltd.
Severouralskiy pivzavod, ZAO (Pivovarni Vatslava)
Severskiy pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd.
Sfera, Ltd. (restaurant Kellers)
Sfera, Ltd. (Slavgorod brewery)
Shcherbakovskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (subs. of Polevskaya pivovarnya, Ltd.)
Shikhan, subsidiary of HUB, Ltd. (Heineken NV)
Shipunovskaya chastnaya pivovarnya, Ltd.
Shkiper, Ltd.
Shulz Brewery, Ltd.
Shulz, Ltd. (restaurant Brauhaus)
Sib-CNT, Ltd. (SibBrewery)
Sibirskiy Pivovar, Ltd. (Legenda Sibiri)
Sibirskiy pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd.
Sibirskiy Standart, Ltd.
Sibirskoe pivo, JCSC
Sibiryachka, Ltd.
Sibmos, Ltd.
Sigma, Ltd. (pub Pivovar)
SintezGroup, Ltd. (Pivzavod SnG)
Sitik, Ltd. (restaurants Vatslav Zamok)
SK Universal, Ltd. (Shtof brewery)
Skif, Ltd.
Skit, Ltd. (restaurant BrauBauer)
Slavich, Ltd. (Prazhskaya brewery)
Slaviya, Ltd. (restaurant Zhiguli)
Slavyane, Ltd. (BierStadt)
Slavyanka, JSC (Mezhdurechensk brewery)
Smolenskaya minipivovarnya, Ltd. (restaurant Hagen, Shia)
Smolenskiy pivovar, Ltd.
Smolinskiy pivovar, Ltd.
Sofiya, TD Ltd.
SoHo Plus, Ltd.
Sokolskoe pivo, Ltd. (Pivovar)
Solar Beer, Ltd. (Panzer Brewery, restaurant Cherepaha)
Sold, Ltd. (TsarPivo)
Solod, Ltd. (Burik-beer, restorany ParkKing Group)
Solod, Ltd. (previously Vorstadt brewery)
Solod, Ltd. (restaurant Country Bar)
Solod, Ltd. (restaurant Piv Grad, Sober)
Solodovaya sloboda, Ltd. (Pivnaya demokratiya)
Solovushki, Ltd. (Home brewery)
Sorochinskiy Pivovar, Ltd. (restaurant Prague)
Sosedushka, Ltd. (restaurant Bierquelle)
Sotsialniy complex, Ltd.
Sova, Ltd. (Pivnaya Chetvert, Yugons)
SP Lada food technology, Ltd. (Khorlbat)
Spass, pivovarnya (AKVA Group)
SPK, Ltd.
Sputnik, Ltd. (Dogma Brewery)
SRK Alye Parusa, Ltd.
Stancomplect, Ltd. (Beercoin Craft Brewery)
Standart kachestva, Ltd. (Redikortsev)
Standart, Ltd. (Czech brewery Prazhich)
Staraya Krepost, Ltd. (Belogore&Co)
Staraya sloboda, Ltd. (Bobroff)
Staraya Stanitsa, Ltd. (Stahler)
Starinniy retsept, Ltd.
Stariy Georg, restoran
Stariy gorod, Ltd.
Stariy gorod, Ltd.
Stariy Toguchin, Ltd.
Stariy Zavod, JCSC (Alter Brauch)
Starogorodetskoe, Ltd. (Belpivo, restaurants Cheshskiy dvorik)
Starooskolskaya Pivovarnya Vrabets, Ltd. (in the reorganization)
Start, Ltd.
Start, Ltd. (restaurant Schwaben Keller)
Starye traditsii, Ltd. (Generalskoe)
Staut, Ltd. (Hobby Beer)
StavCraft, Ltd. (Bakaleya zhivogo piva Bunker)
Stavropolskiy pivzavod, JSC
STL, Ltd. (Alewater Brewery)
Strayk, Ltd.
Strelets, Ltd. (Pivnaya Chetvert)
Stroitelniy Complex, Ltd.
Suchanskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
SUN InBev, JSC (AB InBev Efes)
SUN InBev, subsidiary of JSC (AB InBev Efes)
SUN InBev, subsidiary of JSC (AB InBev Efes)
SUN InBev, subsidiary of JSC (AB InBev Efes)
SUN InBev, subsidiary of JSC (AB InBev Efes)
Suzdalskaya pivovarnya
Suzdalskiy med (Ulis, Ltd.)
Svetliy put, Ltd. (restaurant Bashnya)
Svezhev", Ltd.
Svobodnenskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.


T 34, Ltd. (Wiener Bier)
T&M, Ltd. (restaurant Bretsel)
Taganrogskaya pivovarnya Bazener", restaurant
Tagilskoe pivo, Ltd.
Tambovskiy pivovar, Ltd.
Tandem-proekt, Ltd. (Pinta, sport-bar network)
TD Proviant, Ltd. (Varros, Ltd.)
Technoplast, Ltd. (Uvarovskoe pivo)
TEK Flagman, Ltd. (First Private Brewery, cafe BrauHouse)
Tekhimpeks, Ltd. (Blonderbeer)
Tekhnologiya, Ltd. (restaurant Karl and Friedrich)
Tekhnomost, Ltd. (pivovarnya Krauze)
Teleginskaya pivovarnya, Ltd.
Tepliy dvor, Ltd. (Pan Sladek)
Terekhinskiy zavod napitkov, Ltd.
Terra, Ltd. (Kruzhka bar, Blonder Beer)
Tikhoretskiy pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd.(in the reorganization)
Timashevskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (restaurant Druzhba)
Toga, Ltd. (Timashevsk brewery)
Tolyattinskiy pivobezalkogolniy zavod Tatishchev, Ltd.
Tomskoe pivo, JSC
Torgoviy dom Diokort-Zapad, Ltd.
Torgoviy dom Sovier, Ltd. (Tanker)
Torgoviy dom Tikhonov i synovya, Ltd.
Torgoviy dom Zolotaya sova, Ltd. (Novokemerovskiy pivo-bezalkogolniy zavod, JSC)
Torgovo-proizvodstvennaya kompaniya Khlebnaya, Ltd.
Toyvo, Ltd. (restaurant Pivnoy Dom Klausberg)
Traditsii kachestva, Ltd.
Transstroy, Ltd. (Martynovskaya brewery)
Trastinvest, Ltd.
TRF-Yunayted, Ltd. (restaurant Kot i Klever)
Tri bochki, Ltd. (Vaclav Breweries)
Tri Reki, Ltd. (FairBrew, gastropub Vkus i Tsvet)
Triton, Ltd.
Triton, Ltd. (Orenburg brewery Craft)
Trueale, Ltd.
Tsiklamen, Ltd.
Tuapsinskaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Tuger, Ltd.
Tula brewery, subsidiary of Baltika Brewery, Ltd. (Carlsberg Group)
Tyazhinskoe pivo, Ltd.
Tyumenskiy Pivovar, Ltd.


U Shveyka, Ltd.
Udacha, Ltd.
Ufa subsidiary of Moscow Efes Brewery, JCSC (AB InBev Efes)
Uglegorskiy, Pivovarenniy zavod, JCSC
Ulyanovsk subsidiary of Moscow Efes Brewery, JCSC (AB InBev Efes)
Universal, Ltd.
Universalnaya kompaniya Pokrovskaya, Ltd.
Uporovskoe pivo, Ltd.
Ural-Garant, Ltd. (Revdinskiy pivzavod, Ltd.)
Urus, Ltd. (Grott Bar)
Usmanskaya chastnaya pivovarnya №1, Ltd. (Usman'-Pivo)
Ussuriyskoe pivo, Ltd.


Vagant-RR, Ltd.
Valar, Ltd. (Kuznitsa Znatnogo Piva)
Valdayskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (Rogan)
Valeri, Ltd.
Van Muller, Ltd. (restaurant)
VanGogi, Ltd. (VanGogi)
Varnitsa, Ltd.
Varvary, Ltd. (Steak-House Brewery)
Vasileostrovskaya Pivovarnya, Ltd.
Vatslav, Ltd. (restaurant)
Vavilon, restaurant
VEER, Ltd. (Kambeer Brewery)
Vega, Ltd.
Veles-P, Ltd. (Bratnitsa)
Velikoustyugskiy pivzavod Bavariya, Ltd.
Velten, restaurant (Welcome Group Holding)
Venskaya pivovarnya, restaurant
VEnzel, Ltd.
Versus, Ltd. (Chistolese)
Vesnavar, Ltd.
Vizit, JSC
Vizit-M, Ltd.
Vladikavkazskiy PBZ Darial, JSC
Vladimirskaya pivovarnya, Ltd.
Vladivostok subsidiary of Moscow Efes Brewery, JCSC (AB InBev Efes)
Vodocycle, Ltd. (Lakinsk brewery)
Volchikhinskiy pivzavod, JCSC
Volga, subsidiary of HUB, Ltd. (Heineken NV)
Volgobeer, Ltd. (DK Brewery)
Volkovskaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (subs. of Moscow Brewing Company)
Vologodskiy pivovarenniy zavod, Ltd.
Volzhskaya pivovarennaya artel, Ltd. (restaurant Pivgrad)
Volzhskoe, Ltd. (Riverside Brewery)
Volzhskoe, Ltd. (Riverside brewery)
Voronezh brewery, subsidiary of Baltika Brewery, Ltd. (Carlsberg Group)
Voskresenskiy Pivovarenniy Zavod, Ltd. (ArtCraft)
Vottovaara, Ltd.
VTK, Ltd. (Hymir)
VTS, Ltd. (Potapych)
Vyatich, JSC
Vyatskaya promyshlennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Vyborgskaya chastnaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (Illyuminator)


Yager, Ltd. (restaurants)
Yantarnoe, Ltd. (previously Gorodtsovskoe pivo)
Yarinvest, Ltd. (restaurant MaxBier, Maximilian)
Yaroslavskie pivovarni, Ltd. (Petropavlovsk park brewery)
Yarpivo brewery, subsidiary of Baltika Brewery, Ltd. (Carlsberg Group)
Yaskino, Ltd. (L-Craft)
Yenisey, Ltd. (Proizvodstvennaya kompaniya MuRom)
Yug-Snab, Ltd.
Yuledoks, Ltd.
Yulor, Ltd.
Yurginskaya Pivovarennaya Kompaniya, Ltd.
YuVA, Ltd. (Abgemacht)
YuveLes, Ltd. (Zolotaya Kusa)
Yuzhnaya pivovarennaya kompaniya, Ltd.
Yuzhnaya Zarya 1974 brewery, subsidiary of Baltika Brewery, Ltd. (Carlsberg Group)
Yuzhniy akvamarin, Ltd. (restaurant Ocharovatelnaya polyanka)
Yuzhniy pivovar, Ltd.
YuzhUralNapitki, Ltd.


Zapsib-pivo, Ltd.
Zarayskaya chastnaya pivovarnya, Ltd. (Grekoff)
Zauralskie napitki, Ltd.
Zavod napitkov, Ltd.
Zavod tayga, Ltd.
Zavod Trekhsosenskiy, Ltd.
Zelenaya Shlyapa, Ltd. (pub Green Hat)
Zeleniy bor, Ltd.
Zelenogorskaya Prodovolstvennaya Kompaniya, Ltd.
Zelenogorskiy, Ltd.
Zelenokumskiy pivzavod, JSC
Zhemchuzhina, Ltd. (restaurant Filin)
Zhetem, Ltd. (Barbudos)
Zhigulevskiy pivovar, Ltd.
Zhigulevskoe pivo, JSC
Zhivaya Klassika, Ltd.
Zhivoe pivo, Ltd.
Zhivoe pivo, Ltd. (Barabinsk brewery)
ZhivoVar"", Ltd.
Zlatovar, Ltd.
Zlatovar, Ltd.
Zolotoe runo, Ltd. (Private Tula brewery, beer bars network)
Zolotoy khmel, Ltd.
Zolotoy nosorg, Ltd.


16 tonn, JCSC (restaurant)
4 Pivovara, Ltd.
59 shirota, Ltd. (Wooden Beard)
77 Avenue, Ltd. (bar Imperial Bridge)
777, Ltd.

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13 мая. 2018



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