US. Labatt Breweries Announces Multi-Million Dollar Project

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Labatt Breweries is making a major investment in its St. John’s operation. Chris Hesson, the plant’s manager and brewmaster, says Labatt will invest $3.5 million in capital expenditures this year. The money will be used on everything from environmental improvements to packaging to quality control. That will ultimately mean recycling as much material as they can, and wasting as little as possible.
As part of Labatt’s commitment to protecting the environment, one major change will be in the amount of waste-water. The brewing of beer requires a lot of water, and the company wants only to use what is necessary.
Hesson says other major components of the planned improvements include an upgrade in equipment used in the packaging process, and work on quality and control initiatives.
Hesson also stated he sees this multi-million-dollar investment as a strong signal that Labatt remains committed to the Leslie Street brewery. He adds that Labatt is very proud of their commitment to the environment, and they want to be the best beer company in a better world.