Carlsberg changes recipe of its lead brand

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Carlsberg recently announced that is has changed the recipe of its lead brand. As part of its rich heritage in scientific discovery and the continuous aim to improve the quality of its beer, a new strain of barley, Null-LOX barley, has been developed and is being rolled out across Carlsberg’s markets.

“Carlsberg is produced using only natural products and we are continually trying to improve
them. Null-LOX barley, allows beer to stay fresher longer and provides better foaming
characteristics. These benefits are further enhanced when combined with Carlsberg’s new fastacting strain of yeast (234). Your fresh Carlsberg just got fresher,” comments Khalil Younes, Carlsberg’s Senior Vice President of Global, Sales, Marketing and Innovation.

Jean-Yves Malpote, Head of Group Research and Development in Carlsberg, adds, that the new yeast strain cuts the amount of diacetyl produced in fermentation by a factor of ten, which helps to cut maturation time by as much as 25 per cent. This gives not only an advantage in the taste of the product but also in terms of economics.

To most of the consumers the change in recipe becomes apparent only three months after packaging: The newly developed beer tastes longer fresh and is protected from aging which “is the most important part”, according to Malpote.