Mundell Evaluated Top 500 Chinese Brands; Snow Beer Is Worth 46.368 Billion Yuan and Comes on Top

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Snow Beer is worth 46.368 billion, and was ranked 29th in “the leader board of the most valuable Chinese brands,” which was released in the 2011 (8th) Global Brand Conference and Top 500 Valuable Chinese Brands Press Conference recently.

Other well-known Chinese brands, such as Lenovo, Wuliangye Liquor, and Maotai Liquor were also selected along with Snow.

Global Brand Lab is the well-known international research institution that is headquartered in New York, U.S.A. The president of this lab is the 1999 Nobel Economics Prize winner Robert Mundell, who is known as the “Father of Euro.” Mundell’s researches, which are called “brand trust barometers,” are the important references for the evaluations of intangible assets during the acquisitions for many enterprises.

This is not the first time for Snow Beer to catch eyes from this world class brand institution. Last year, Snow Beer was worth 37.726 billion yuen, and it was ranked 30th of the “top 500 most valuable brands board.” What is also of worthy note is that the brand value of Snow Beer has increased 20%, almost 10 billion yuan within one year, which makes this brand outstanding among the top 500 brands.

Snow brand is a brand that has age-old historical connotation. In the 1960s, in a products rating competition where all the top Chinese beer companies had convened, among all the competing beers, it was a new product that won the prize. It was all because of its rich, white, snow-like foam, and long-lasting taste, like a flower, giving it its name: “Snow Beer.”

In 2001, CRB (China) Co., Ltd. made Snow Beer into a national beer brand. Snow Beer has a fresh, light taste and is a positive, aggressive, challenging and innovative brand with high popularity among consumers nationwide. It has become a favorite beer among youth.

Since 2002, the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office declared “Snow” brand as “China’s Famous Brand.” In 2005, Snow Beer sold 1.58 million-kiloliters nationwide, and became the number one best-selling beer brand in China. In 2009, Snow became number one in single-product selling beer brands, among Heineken, Budweiser and many international brands.

Professionals from the industry all agree that the success of Snow brand itself is the best interpretation for its brand spirit: “Active, enterprising, challenge, and innovation.” In the process of creating a good reputation for the brand, Snow always carries a strong creative spirit, from “fearless exploring” to “non-Olympic marketing,” to inter-province marketing strategy (i.e. “the beauty of nature” in Guizhou, Szechuan, and Shanxi).

In the meantime, in order to popularize the knowledge of Chinese ancient architecture, CRB entrusted architectural history and historic relic preserve institutions in Tsinghua University to compile a series of books about Chinese ancient architectures. CRB also sponsored architectural history and historic relic preserve institutions for other academic research on ancient Chinese ancient. These actions have received favorable comments from the society, “People who have better foresight will preserve culture.”

As the value of Snow brand is rising, it has done better and better in the high-end market. It was involved in the Davos forum, and was designated 3 times in a role as the official beer for “the national committee of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference”, and was recognized by the members of the national committee of CPPCC.