Shangri-la first Chinese brewery to win European Beer Star medal

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10740Northwest Yunnan’s Shangri-la Highland Craft Brewery went into full production only 17 months ago, and yet today one of its products became the first domestically produced Chinese beer to win an award at the prestigious European Beer Star competition. Black Yak, a porter-style draught, won a silver medal in the event’s Bohemian-Style Schwarzbier category, and Shangri-la founder Songtsen ‘Sonny’ Gyalzur was in Nuremberg to accept the award in person. (more…)

Empire Brewing Company Begins Distribution to China

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Empire Brewing Company’s first shipment of their craft beer has made it to China. After a 4 week journey, Slo Mo IPA and White Aphro Belgian-Style Wit Ale have made it to Panda Brew in Beijing. (more…)

The spirit of Chinese alcohol drinking culture

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The spirit of Chinese alcohol drinking culture dates back over 6,000 years, based on the latest archaeological findings. During that time, countless Chinese have dedicated themselves to making the best white spirits, yellow wine and beer possible, always trying to improve the technique. (more…)

China. Crafting a new beer boom

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One hot Saturday afternoon mid-September, Li Hao, a 29-year-old researcher with a chemical company in Shanghai, binged on a dozen varieties of craft beer. He helped himself to all those drinks at a beer fair at Pudong Kerry Center in Shanghai. More than 50 stalls were selling hundreds of brands, both global and local. Li wished he had a pair of bellies to take them all in.


China. Beer company Broo raise $10.5 million in share offer

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After a six week initial public offering, Victorian beer firm Broo has announced it has raised $10.5 million and can now list on the ASX.

​The move is part of broader strategy to target the biggest beer market in the world, China. (more…)

Chinese beer slowdown but silver lining emerging

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Chinese annual consumption of domestically made beer is falling by a level more than double the size of Australia’s total beer production, a response to both an economic slowdown and a change in drinking habits. (more…)

Carlsberg Group

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Carlsberg Group ranks fifth by the sales volumes in China. The company is referred to as King of the West as it owns the “controlling stake” of the beer market on huge but sparsely-populated territories of the Western China. (more…)

Yanjing Beer

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Company structure

Beijing Yanjing Brewery Co., Ltd. (further Yanjing Beer) was founded in 1980 and is the only big brewing company, which never had connections with transnational groups.


AB InBev

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On the Chinese market the world giant is represented by subdivision Anheuser-Busch InBev China Co., Ltd. which controls the activity of 16 subsidiaries and joint ventures. They are responsible for beer production and distribution throughout the country managing nearly 50 breweries with the net capacity of 91 mln hl*. Two national and one international brand by AB InBev are well known in China today: Budweiser, Harbin, and Sedrin together account for nearly 73% of the companies’ sales. (more…)