Three year market performance summary of the SABMiller Ukrainian branch

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On July 4, 2008, SABMiller plc, one of the leaders brewers in the world, entered the Ukrainian market, having bought «Sarmat» enterprise. During the last three years, the private company «Miller Brands Ukraine», a new branch of SABMiller, has completely modernised the acquired facilities and integrated the company into the global structure of the group, as well as introduced several new brands of the global SABMiller portfolio to the Ukrainian market.

One of the initial priorities of the Ukrainian branch was the implementation of the international quality standards of SABMiller at every production stage (from raw materials purchase to packing ready goods). To achieve this goal, $ 38.7 mln have been invested during these 3 years. At present, «Miller Brands Ukraine» is made of only natural ingredients, using classical recipes and observing Reinheitsgebot, the traditional German code of beer purity, approved in the XVI century.

Thanks to the unique system of water purification, water at the Ukrainian branch of SABMiller is virtually identical to Plzen water of the Czech republic, the reference standard in beer making.

The high quality of «Miller Brands Ukraine» is confirmed by the experts of the International Taste and Quality Institute, Brussels, Belgium: in 2010-2011 the beer produced at the Ukrainian branch of SABMiller received a Superior Taste Award.

The international food products safety management system ISO 22000:2005 has been in effect at «Miller Brands Ukraine» since March 2010.

The list of the brands acquired by SABMiller after having bought «Sarmat» has also changed. The company has continued developing «Sarmat» as the most promising regional brand, after discontinuing «Dnipro» and «Drive Max» brands. Besides «Sarmat», the portfolio of «Miller Brands Ukraine» includes «Zhigulevskoe» (produced at Donetsk using the classical recipe since 1962) and «Dobry Shubin» (original semi-dark beer named after the legendary kind spirit of the mines).

At the same time, the company puts special emphasis on premium class products by promoting popular licensed brands from the SABMiller global portfolio: Miller Genuine Draft, Redd’s, Zolotaya Bochka, Velkopopovicky Kozel and Amsterdam Mariner.

Being a socially conscious company, «Miller Brands Ukraine» promotes responsible drinking, opposes selling beer to minors and participates in educational projects to prevent alcohol abuse.

Aside from that, «Miller Brands Ukraine» takes an active part in a sustainable development programme. Taking into account the local priorities, it’s extremely important for the company in the Ukraine to protect water resources. At present, in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and German society for technical cooperation (GTZ) the company is implementing a programme of efficient water resources management.

The future plans of «Miller Brands Ukraine» include sales and distribution development in the Ukraine and neighbouring markets. Development of the premium brands will remain the priority for the company, taking into account the economic attractiveness of the given segment and strong role of the SABMiller parent company in many countries.

«During three years in the Ukrainian market we have gone the long way, having integrated a regional company into the structure of one of the world brewing leaders. By becoming a part of SABMiller, we gained multiple advantages, for example, an opportunity for Ukrainian consumers to choose interesting beer brands from the impressive portfolio of the parent company», stated Igor Tikhonov, General Manager of «Miller Brands Ukraine». «These days we are strengthening the local brands, launching new licensed brands, developing the premium niche. The growth rates bring us hope, we are growing faster than the market and are hoping to retain the growth dynamics.»