Duvel Moortgat to Acquire Liefmans?

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I can’t tell you for sure because my French is woefully inadequate, but it appears that Duvel Moortgat has put in a bid to buy the bankrupt Liefmans operations. Here is an article I found. My apologies, I have yet to find one in English. As I find out more, I’ll pass along the information.

UPDATE: One of my terrific readers, Tristan, was kind enough to translate the article linked above into English for the rest of us. Here is the translated article in it’s entirety:

Duvel Moortgat confirms its offer on the Liefmans Brewery

The Duvel Moortgat brewery has put down an offer to pursue temporarily running the Liefmans Brewery (declared bankrupt) under the direction of its curators. This was confirmed by Duvel Moortgat in a message circulated Tuesday. It also made an offer to retake some of the assets of the defunct companies Brouwerif Liefmans and Liefmans Breweries.

The Courtrai Tribunal of Commerce declared the bankruptcy of the Liefmans Breweries established in Dentergem and Audenarde last December. The brewery had then asked for a judicial agreement, but the judge declared the bankruptcy immediately. Fifty workers lost their jobs.

The Tribunal named five curators who, at present, are looking for a temporary operator, because the two guiding shareholders of the brewery declared bankruptcy having made the call against the decision of the Courtrai Tribunal of Commerce.

Besides Duvel Moortgat, the two acting shareholders of the Liefmans Brewery of Dentergem, Renaldo Delabie and Gino Vantieghem, have also made an offer to take over the provisionary operation of their business.

Before the designation of any provisionary operator, the curators must receive the agreement of the Courtrai Tribunal of Commerce. A definite buyer will be named after the decision in court.